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Zou Guang, Assistant Professor (Associate Senior), PhD supervisor and PI at Southern University of Science and Technology. He is the chairman of sub-conferences of top international academic conferences in the field of marine engineering and reliability (OMAE, ISOPE, ICOSSAR) and has been invited to give academic presentations in more than 10 countries.He has been engaged in marine engineering research and practice for more than 10 years in world class marine research institutes (CSIC 702) and world class marine technology R&D and certification bodies (BCS, etc.). He has served as the chief engineer and deputy chief designer of R&D of key national marine engineering equipment, and has led and participated in the research, testing, design, construction and life-cycle management of 8 large-scale marine engineering projects, including offshore wind farms, offshore oil and gas platforms, submarines, deep-sea space stations and manned submersibles. He has published 24 papers as first author (9 in top journals in the field of marine engineering, reliability and structural engineering), more than 20 research papers and has been awarded 3 patents. He was awarded the world famous Marie Curie Fellow, the best academic presentation award of the 18th International Conference on Reliability and Structural Safety, and the first prize of the 13th CSIC 702 Institute Youth Science and Technology Paper Competition. He is an invited reviewer for top journals in the fields of Reliability Engineering and System Safety, Marine Structures, Ocean Engineering, International Journal of Fatigue, etc.

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The research areas are marine engineering and new energy sources; new technologies for system reliability (system condition monitoring, digital twin technology and intelligent decision algorithms); structural dynamics of marine engineering; quantification of natural disaster risks and resilient cities.


OCE5031 Quantifying Structural Reliability and Risk in Engineering.

OCE339 Offshore Engineering Design III: Fixed and Floating Platforms.

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