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Prof. Zhu graduated from Tsinghua University in 2011. She has more than 50 publications in Journals such as Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Advanced Optical Materials, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, Scientific Reports, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Nanoscale, Applied Physics Letters and etc. with H-index 20 and over 1500 citations. Prof. Zhu also values the real use of technologies. She has 17 granted patents and has commercialized 6 of them, products including thermal interface materials, heat spreaders and heat transfer/thermal properties analyzers are sold worldwide.

Personal Profile

Sept.1999, she was elected to the national science class directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education (the second affiliated high school of Shanghai normal university).
Sept. 2002, she was exempted from the exam and enrolled in the materials science and engineering department of Tsinghua University
Jul.2006, she received her bachelor's degree in materials science and engineering from Tsinghua University
Jul.2011, she got her PhD degree in materials science and engineering from Tsinghua University

Professional Experience
May 2009 – Feb. 2010: Research Assistant, Department of Physics, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HK
Sept. 2011–Feb. 2012: Research Associate, Department of Physics, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HK
Feb. 2012 – Feb. 2015: Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China
Sept. 2014 – Oct. 2015: Visiting Scholar, Centre for Magnetic Recording Research, University of California, San Diego
Jan. 2016 – Feb. 2017: Senior Research Associate, Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University
Mar. 2017 – June 2020: Associate Professor, College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Southern University of Science and Technology
May 2019 – Now: Doctoral Supervisor (Physics, Mechanical Engineering), Southern University of Science and Technology
June 2020 – Now: Research Professor, School of Microelectronics, Southern University of Science and Technology
Second Prize of Shenzhen Technological Invention Award
Guangdong Special Support Program for High-level Talents (Young Talent Award of Science and Technology Innovation)
Leading talents in Nanshan District


(1)Advanced thermal management materials and devices

Thermal management materials

Advanced 3D packaging materials

Thermal management devices

(2)Thermal performance test and evaluation

Heat pipe, vapor chamber

Thermo-physical properties of low dimension materials

Micro- and nano- scale heat transfer measurement and simulation

(3)Thermal management solutions

Electronic devices

Heat exchanger used in respirators

Automobile batteries

(4)Third generation DNA sequencing

Nanopore sequencing

(5)New energy materials

Electrode materials for Li-ion batteries

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Prof. Zhu focus on Micro- and nano- scale heat transfer measurement and simulation; heat management technology, including materials (heat conduction, heat insulation and heat storage materials), devices (heat pipe, vapor chamber, etc.), equipment and solutions (smart heat management system for mobile phone and power car battery pack), etc.

Her main achievements and academic contribution include:

(1) Algorithm for accurate measuring in-plane thermal conductivity

A mathematical method for accurate measuring in-plane thermal conductivity of sheet/fibre materials (such as graphite, carbon fiber, etc) is developed. Using this method, thermal diffusivity, conductivity, capacity and be measured simultaneously. The theory part was published (sole author) in International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. The reviewer commented ‘it is valuable work especially in theory.’

(2) Technology for simultaneous measurement of thermal diffusivity, conductivity and capacity based on theory above

Based on theory above, a set of practical measuring technology is developed while the heat-loss was well quantified to improve the measuring accuracy. By co-working with Taiwan Longwin Co. (Top 1 supplier of Thermal Solution Scientific Instrumentation worldwide), this technology was commercialized successfully and has been sold over 30 worldwide.

(3) Graphene-based energy storable heat spreader

By compositing Graphene/CNT/Graphite nanosheet with phase change materials, a new material with high thermal conductivity (>50 W/m-K in-plane) and high latent heat (150 J/g) is invented. It is commercialized successfully. This is the first large scale application of alike materials.

(4) High performance polymer based thermal interface materials

High performance thermal interface material is the key to solve the heat dissipation of electronic devices. In view of this, high thermal conductivity carbon fibers were oriented in the polymer matrix by flow field control and the resultant composites can reach a thermal conductivity as high as 30 W/m-K.

(5) High thermal conductive fibrous film

We detoured this technology by designing a three-level orderness high thermal conductive fibrous film. The three levels are molecular level, CNT level and fiber level. The thermal conductivity of the composite fibrous film is 29 W/m-K.

(6) Single droplet thermal analysis system for spray combustion synthesis

In view of the limitations of the commercial thermal analysis equipment on the thermal kinetics of combustion reaction, I referred to the traditional spray drying single drop reactor and developed a set of real-time thermal analysis for single droplet sol-gel combustion synthesis. The device can measure the transient temperature change and the quality change of single droplet combustion process in real time. With the aid of this device, I have observed for the first time that the threshold temperature of liquid phase combustion synthesis reaction of indium tin oxide (ITO) system is 182.1 ℃. Through the curve of reaction temperature changing with time, it is preliminarily judged that the combustion reaction is divided into two steps of initial combustion and deflagration. This result provides a valuable basis for later scale-up experiments. The method was published in the Journal of the American Ceramic Society and was evaluated by the Editor as highly original. The spray combustion synthesis pulverization method developed by the device is also exploring industrial transferring in Ma’anshan Prime Platform Energy Tech Co. Ltd, which is used for the preparation of high-performance energy powder.

Selected Publication (* Correspondence author; # Co-first author)

1. Chen, Anqi #; Wu, Yanyan#; Zhou, Shaoxin #; Xu, Wenxue; Jiang, Wenlong; Lv, You; Guo, Wei; Chi, Keyu; Sun, Qi; Fu, Tingting; Xie, Tingting; Zhu, Yuan * and Liang, Xin-gang, Highly Thermal Conductive Polymer Chains with Reactive Groups: A Step Towards True Application. Materials Advances (Accepted).

2. Chen, Zhiyang; Zhu, Yuan*; Duan, Qiyao; Chen, Anqi; Tang, Zikang, Spray-combustion synthesis of indium tin oxide nanopowder, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2019, 102(1): 42~47.

3. Zhao, Chengchun; Zhu, Yuan*; Chen, Li; Zhou, Shaoxin; Su, Yuquan; Ji, Xu; Chen, Anqi; Gui, Xuchun; Tang Zikang; Liu, Zhaowei, Multi-layer nanoarrays sandwiched by anodized aluminium oxide membranes: an approach to an inexpensive, reproducible, highly sensitive SERS substrate, Nanoscale, 2018.09.14, 10(34): 16278~16283.

4. Su, Longxing; Zhu, Yuan; Xu, Xiaojie; Chen, Hongyu; Tang, Zikang; Fang, Xiaosheng, back-to-back symmetric Schottky type UVA photodector based on ternary alloy BeZnO, J. Mater. Chem. C, 2018.6.23, 6(29): 7776~7782

5. Chen, Anqi; Zhu, Hai; Wu, Yanyan; Chen, Mingming; Zhu, Yuan; Gui, Xuchun; Tang, Zikang, Beryllium-Assisted p-Type Doping for ZnO Homojunction Light-Emitting Devices, Advanced Functional Materials, 2016.3.29, 26(21):3696~3702.

6. Su, Yu Quan; Zhu, Yuan*; Yong, Dingyu; Chen, Mingming; Su, Longxing; Chen, Anqi; Wu, Yanyan; Pan, Bicai; Tang, Zikang, Enhanced Exciton Binding Energy of ZnO by Long-Distance Perturbation of Doped Be Atoms, Journal Of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2016.4.21, 7(8): 1484~1489.

7. Zhu, Yuan, Heat-loss modified Angstrom method for simultaneous measurements of thermal diffusivity and conductivity of graphite sheets: The origins of heat loss in Angstrom method, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 2015.9.30, 92: 784~791.

8. Zhao, Chengchun; Zhu, Yuan*; Su, Yuquan; Guan, Zhaoyun; Chen, Anqi; Ji, Xu; Gui, Xuchun; Xiang, Rong; Tang, Zikang, Tailoring Plasmon Resonances in Aluminium Nanoparticle Arrays Fabricated Using Anodic Aluminium Oxide, Advanced Optical Materials, 2015.2, 3(2): 248~256

9. Ji, Xu; Zhu, Yuan*;Chen, Mingming; Su, Longxing; Chen, Anqi; Gui, Xuchun; Xiang, Rong; Tang, Zikang, The modulation of grain boundary barrier in ZnMgO/ZnO heterostructure by surface polar liquid, Scientific Reports, 2014.2.25,4

10. Su, Longxing; Zhu, Yuan*,#; Yong, Dingyu; Chen, Mingming; Ji, Xu; Su, Yuquan; Gui, Xuchun; Pan, Bicai; Xiang, Rong; Tang, Zikang, Wide Range Bandgap Modulation Based on ZnO-based Alloys and Fabrication of Solar Blind UV Detectors with High Rejection Ratio, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2014.8.27, 6(16): 14152~14158

11. Chen, Mingming; Zhu, Yuan*; Su, Longxing; Zhang, Quanlin; Chen, Anqi; Ji, Xu; Xiang, Rong; Gui, Xuchun; Wu, Tianzhun; Pan, Bicai; Tang, Zikang, Formation behavior of BexZn1-xO alloys grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy, Applied Physics Letters, 2013.5.20, 102(20).

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