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Jinlong Zhu under graduated from Zhejiang University at 2004 and graduated from Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences at 2009, and then has 3-years postdoc experience at LANSCE, Los Alamos National Lab, and 3-years postdoc experience at HPSEC, University of Nevada Las Vegas, and worked at HPSTAR as staff scientist thereafter, and currently is a tenured associate professor at Physics Department, Southern University of Science and Technology. His background is high pressure physics. By using synchrotron X-ray and neutron large facilities, his research topics include effect of pressure on quantum matters, such as Mott insulator, topological insulator and, superconductor, kinetic and dynamic studies of natural clathrate hydrates and, high-pressure synthesis of unconventional non-stoichiometric compounds and their property characterization. Dr. Jinlong Zhu totally published more than 90 peer-reviewed scientific papers, including 10+ published at Nature Communications, PNAS, JACS, Nano Letters, Angew. Chem. ets high impacted journals and, his citations are over 1500.

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1. Novel quantum tuning of condensed matters under high pressure, like magnetic/ferroelectric property, topological matter, superconductivity, Mott phase transition, MIT transition;

2. High pressure synthesis of matters with high energy and novel properties by in-situ laser heating;

3. Natural Clathrate Hydrates under high pressure by using Neutron technology.

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