Associate professor Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Dr. Zhao obtained B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology in 2009 and 2011, respectively. He conducted doctoral research on precision electrical discharge machining and electrochemical machining in Precision Engineering, the University of Tokyo and obtained PhD degree in 2015. Dr. Zhao was appointed as an assistant professor of the same department right after the graduation from 2015-2018. He is currently a full member of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering (JSPE) and the Japan Society of Electrical Machining Engineers. He is the only foreign member of the Research Affiliate Committee of JSPE and has independently chaired three competitive national scientific research projects of JSPS and NSFC. He also participated in a number of projects, and undertook one major scientific research project of the Cabinet Office of Japan. He has published more than 10 journal papers while serving as a reviewer of 10 journals. He joined the mechanical and energy engineering of SUSTech in September, 2018.

With the goal of frontier applications of semiconductor manufacturing, ultimate precision optics, micro components and biomedicine, Prof. Zhao’s research team conducts innovative research in the field of advanced manufacturing such as non-traditional and ultra-precision micro machining based on basic scientific knowledge such as surface science, electrochemistry, discharge, thermal fluid mechanics and so forth.

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Electric discharge machining, Electrochemical micro/nano machining, EDM/ECM hybrid machining process, Ultra-precision electroforming, Multi-field assisted precision/ultra-precision cutting and grinding, Micro machining, MEMS/NEMS related manufacturing.


1. Physical and Chemical Machining

2. Fundamentals of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (Autumn term, for graduate student)

3. Undergraduate Graduation Project

4. Dynamics and Mechanical Vibration (Spring term, for undergraduate)

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1. S. Zhan, Y. Zhao*Intentionally-induced dynamic gas film enhances the precision of electrochemical micromachining, Journal of Materials Processing Technology (2021, Accepted).

2. Z.Chen, S.Zhan, Y. ZhaoElectrochemical jet-assisted precision grinding of single-crystal SiC using soft abrasive wheel, International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, Volume 195, Pages 106239 (2020)

3. S. Zhan, Y. Zhao*Plasma-assisted electrochemical machining of microtools and microstructures, International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, Volume 156, Pages 1-15, 103596 (2020)

4. Y. Zhao*, Chong Zhao, Shuai Wang, et al., Selective and localized embrittlement of metal by cathodic hydrogenation utilizing electrochemical jet, Precision Engineering, Volume 65, Pages 259–268 (2020).

5. S. Zhan, Y. Zhao*Suppression of cathode tool wear by a forward-bias voltage in pulsed spark-assisted chemical engraving, Electrochemistry Communications, Volume 111, 106643 (2019).

6. Z. Chen, Y. Zhao*Investigation into electrochemical oxidation behavior of 4H-SiC with varying anodizing conditions, Electrochemistry Communications, Volume 109, Pages 106608 (2019).

7. Y. Zhao*, M. Kunieda, Investigation on electrolyte jet machining of three-dimensional freeform surfaces, Precision Engineering, Volume 60, Pages 42-53 (2019).

8. Y. Zhao*, M. Kunieda, K. Abe, A novel technique for slicing SiC ingots by EDM utilizing a running ultra-thin foil tool electrode, Precision Engineering, Volume 52, 84–93 (2018).

9. O. Flaño, I. Ayesta, B. Izequierdo, J. A. Sanchez, Y. Zhao, M. Kunieda, Improvement of EDM performance in high-aspect ratio slot machining using multi-holed electrodes, Precision Engineering, Volume 51, Pages 223-231 (2018).

10. Y. Zhao*, M. Kunieda, N. Obi, S. Watanabe: Development of electrolyte filtration system for ECM taking into account removal of chromium (VI) ions, Precision Engineering, Volume 49, Pages 211–219 (2017).

11. O. Flaño, Y. Zhao*, M. Kunieda, K. Abe, Approaches for improvement of EDM cutting performance of SiC with foil electrode, Precision Engineering, Volume 49, Pages 33–40 (2017).

12. X. Lyu, F. Kimura, Y. Zhao, M. Kunieda, Y. Kajihara, Metal-polymer Injection Molding Direct Joining Using Electrolyte Jet Machining, The 7th International Conference of Asian Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology, Nov. 2017, Seoul, Korea.

13. Y. Zhao*, M. Kunieda, K. Abe: EDM mechanism of single crystal SiC with respect to thermal, mechanical and chemical aspects, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volume 236, Pages 138–147 (2016).

14. Y. Zhao*, M. Kunieda, K. Abe: Comparison study of foil EDM characteristics of single crystal SiC between in deionized water and in EDM-oil, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Volume 86, Issue 9, pp 2905–2912 (2016).

15. Y. Zhao*, M. Kunieda, K. Abe: Challenge to EDM Slicing of Single Crystal SiC with Blade Electrode Utilizing a Reciprocating Worktable, Procedia CIRP, Volume 42, Pages 185-190 (2016).

16. Y. Zhao*, M. Kunieda, K. Abe: Multi-discharge EDM coring of single crystal SiC ingot by electrostatic induction feeding method, Precision Engineering, Volume 41, Pages 24–31 (2015).

17. Y. Zhao*, M. Kunieda, K. Abe: Study of EDM cutting of single crystal silicon carbide, Precision Engineering, Volume 38(1), 92–99 (2014).

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