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Dr. Qiancheng Zhao graduated from Zhejiang University, China, in 2012. He received his Ph.D. degree from the University of California, Irvine, USA, in 2017. He worked in Apple Inc. as a signal integrity engineer from 2017-2019, and returned to academia as a postdoctoral researcher in the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA since 2019. Dr. Zhao joined the School of Microelectronics in the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), Shenzhen, China in 2021.

Dr. Zhao’s research focuses on silicon photonic integrated circuits, specifically, in ultra-low-loss photonic interconnects, ultra-high-Q resonators, laser frequency stabilization, and silicon nitride photonic devices, which have wide applications in optical communications and lab-on-chip bio-detection. He has a rich experience in design, fabrication, and characterization of integrated optoelectronic devices, and has authored and co-authored more than 30 publications on prestigious journals and conference proceedings, including Nature Communications, Optica, APL Photonics, Journal of Lightwave Technology, Optics Express, etc. He also edited a book “Silicon Photonics Bloom”.

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Integrated photonic devices

On-chip laser frequency stabilization


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Silicon nitride integrated photonic devices

Mohammad Wahiduzzaman Khan, Qiancheng Zhao, Parinaz Sadri-Moshkenani, Md Shafiqul Islam, and Ozdal Boyraz. “Graphene-incorporated plasmo-thermomechanical infrared radiation detection.” JOSA B 37, no. 3 (2020): 774-783.

Qiancheng Zhao, Mohammad Wahiduzzaman Khan, Shiva Farzinazar, Jaeho Lee, and Ozdal Boyraz, “Plasmo-thermomechanical radiation detector with on-chip optical readout,” Opt. Express 26, 29638-29650 (2018).

Qiancheng Zhao, Parinaz Sadri-Moshkenani, Mohammad Wahiduzzaman Khan, Rasul Torun and Ozdal Boyraz, “On-Chip Bimetallic Plasmo-Thermomechanical Detectors for Mid-Infrared Radiation,” in IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol. 29, no. 17, pp. 1459-1462, Sept.1, 1 2017.

Qiancheng Zhao, Caner Guclu, Yuewang Huang, Filippo Capolino, and Ozdal Boyraz. “Experimental Demonstration of Directive Si 3 N 4 Optical Leaky Wave Antennas with Semiconductor Perturbations.” Journal of Lightwave Technology 34, no. 21 (2016).

Qiancheng Zhao, Caner Guclu, Yuewang Huang, Filippo Capolino, Regina Ragan, and Ozdal Boyraz. “Plasmon optical trapping using silicon nitride trench waveguides.” JOSA B 33, no. 6 (2016): 1182-1189.

On-chip laser frequency stabilization

Qiancheng Zhao, Mark W. Harrington, Andrei Isichenko, Kaikai Liu, Ryan O. Behunin, Scott B. Papp, Peter T. Rakich, Chad W. Hoyt, Chad Fertig, and Daniel J. Blumenthal, “Integrated Reference Cavity with Dual-mode Optical Thermometry for Frequency Correction”, Optica, vol. 8, no. 11 (2021).

Qiancheng Zhao, Ryan O. Behunin, Peter T. Rakich, Nitesh Chauhan, Andrei Isichenko, Jiawei Wang, Chad W. Hoyt, Chad Fertig, Mu hong Lin, and Daniel J. Blumenthal. “Low-loss Low Thermo-Optic Coefficient Ta2O5 on crystal quartz planar optical waveguides,” APL Photonics 5.11 (2020): 116103. (Editor’s Pick)

Ultra-low-loss lightwave circuits

Matthew Puckett, Kaikai Liu, Nitesh Chauhan, Qiancheng Zhao, Naijun Jin, Haotian Cheng, Jianfeng Wu, Ryan O. Behunin, Peter T. Rakich, Karl D. Nelson, Daniel J. Blumenthal. “422 Million intrinsic quality factor planar integrated all-waveguide resonator with sub-MHz linewidth.” Nat Commun 12, 934 (2021).

Nitesh Chauhan, Andrei Isichenko, Kaikai Liu, Jiawei Wang, Qiancheng Zhao, Ryan O. Behunin, Peter T. Rakich, Andrew M. Jayich, Chad Fertig, Chad W. Hoyt, and Daniel J. Blumenthal. “Visible light photonic integrated Brillouin laser”. Nat Commun 12, 4685 (2021)

Qiancheng Zhao, Jiawei Wang, Nitesh Chauhan, Debapam Bose, Naijun Jin, Renan Moreira, Ryan Behunin, Peter Rakich, and Daniel Blumenthal, “Low-loss D-shape Silicon Nitride Waveguides Using a Dielectric Lift-off Fabrication Process”, in CLEO: Science and Innovations, Optical Society of America, 2020.

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We have openings for self-motivated PhD, master, and undergraduate students to join our team. Postdocs and visiting scholars are also welcome. Candidates will work in integrated optoelectronic devices and systems, including device design and simulation, cleanroom fabrication, lab-automation and characterization. Specific research topics will be determined by the common interests of the candidate and the advisor.

Preferred applicant profile:

- Self-motivated and can-do attitude.

- Has optics, physics, electrical engineering, or related education background.

- Proficiency in MATLAB/Python programming.

- Knowledge of Lumerical/COMSOL or equivalent software is a plus.

Interested applicants are encouraged to send his/her resume to the email address: (Dr. Zhao), with a title of "Job title + applicant's name". We will reach out to selected candidates for further interview. 

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