Research Assistant Professor Grubbs Institute

Educational background:

Nov. 2013-Dec. 2017 Ph. D., Université Paris-Sud(Université Paris-Saclay)

Sept. 2010-Oct. 2013 M.S., Xiamen University

Sept. 2006-Jun. 2010 B. S., Xiamen University

Work experience:

Nov. 2020-Now Research Assistant Professor, Shenzhen Grubbs Institute, Southern University of Science and Technology

Jul. 2020-Oct. 2020 Senior Research Scholar, Department of Chemistry, Southern University of Science and Technology

Jul. 2018-Jun. 2020 Postdoc, Department of Chemistry, Southern University of Science and Technology

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Metal-catalysed radical asymmetric reactions

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1. “Copper-Catalyzed Asymmetric Radical 1,2-Carboalkynylation of Alkenes with Alkyl Halides and Terminal Alkynes”

Xiao-Yang Dong‡, Jiang-Tao Cheng‡, Yu-Feng Zhang‡, Zhong-Liang Li, Tian-Ya Zhan, Ji-Jun Chen, Fu-Li Wang, Ning-Yuan Yang, Liu Ye, Qiang-Shuai Gu, and Xin-Yuan Liu.* J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2020, 142, 9501−9509. (‡ equal contribution)

2. “A general asymmetric copper-catalysed Sonogashira C(sp3)-C(sp) coupling”

Xiao-Yang Dong‡, Yu-Feng Zhang‡, Can-Liang Ma‡, Qiang-Shuai Gu‡, Fu-Li Wang‡, Zhong-Liang Li, Sheng-Peng Jiang and Xin-Yuan Liu.* Nat. Chem., 2019, 11, 1158–1166. (‡ equal contribution)

3. “Convenient Electrocatalytic Synthesis of Azobenzenes from Nitroaromatic Derivatives Using SmI2” Yu-Feng Zhang, Mohamed Mellah.* ACS Catal., 2017, 7, 8480-8486.

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