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1. Zhang, Y., Liu, M, …Fang, M. (2020). Impact of Mixture Effects between Emerging Organic Contaminants on Cytotoxicity: A Systems Biological Understanding of Synergism between Tris(1,3-dichloro-2-propyl) phosphate and Triphenyl Phosphate. Environmental science & technology, DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.0c02188. Impact factor: 7.864, JCR-Q1

2. Zhang, Y., Li, C., Wu, Y., Zhang, YL., Zhou, Z., & Cao, B. (2019). A Microfluidic Gradient Mixer-Flow Chamber as a New Tool to Study Biofilm Development under Defined Solute Gradients. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 116(1), 54-64. Impact factor: 4.26, JCR-Q1

3. Dong, T. #, Zhang, Y. #, Jia, S., Shang, H., Fang, W., Chen, D., & Fang, M. (2019). Human indoor exposome of chemicals in dust and risk prioritization using EPA’s ToxCast database. Environmental science & technology, 53(12), 7045-7054. (Co-first Author). Impact factor: 7.864, JCR-Q1

4. Zhang, Y., Keerthisinghe, T. P., Han, Y., Liu, M., Wanjaya, E. R., & Fang, M. (2018). “Cocktail” of Xenobiotics at Human Relevant Levels Reshapes the Gut Bacterial Metabolome in a Species-Specific Manner. Environmental science & technology, 52(19), 11402-11410. Impact factor: 7.864, JCR-Q1

5. Zhang, Y., Ng, C. K., Cohen, Y., & Cao, B. (2014). Cell growth and protein expression of Shewanella oneidensis in biofilms and hydrogel-entrapped cultures. Molecular BioSystems, 10(5), 1035-1042. Impact factor:3.21, JCR-Q2

6. Keerthisinghe, T. P., Wang, M., Zhang, Y., Dong, W., & Fang, M. (2019). Low-dose tetracycline exposure alters gut bacterial metabolism and host-immune response:“Personalized” effect?.

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