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Born in April 1956. In 1977, he took the college entrance examination and studied political education at Hebei Normal University. He graduated in 1982 and worked at Henan University. In 1996, he was promoted to professor. In July 2002, he worked at Shenzhen University. He is a professor of the Department of Public Administration of the School of Management of Shenzhen University, a professor of the Institute of Contemporary Chinese Politics, a master's tutor of political science, and a master tutor of MPA. He has been engaged in Marxist political science, Mao Zedong Thought, and Deng Xiaoping Theory for a long time. He is the chief expert of Marxist theoretical research and construction project "The study of the basic views of classical writers on democracy and political civilization." In 2006, he won the first prize of the first undergraduate excellent classroom teaching award of Shenzhen University.

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In the aspect of scientific research, the long-term research direction is the contemporary Chinese political research and the study of the history of the Communist Party of China.


In terms of teaching, he taught undergraduate courses such as the history of the Communist Party of China, the history of modern Chinese political thought, political science, modern Chinese government and politics, modernization theory and Research on China's modernization, Mao Zedong Thought and introduction to the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, etc.; he taught postgraduate courses such as the theory of political development, the research on China's political system, and the theory and practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics Research. In teaching, we should pay attention to the foresight and criticism of knowledge content, and think that a good classroom teaching must have core arguments, logical side references, standardized and accurate use of professional concepts, and concise language expression.

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He has published many papers in political science research, Marxist research, historical archives and other journals.

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  1. Overview of the Center

Research Center of Ideological and Political Education of Southern University of Science and Technology ("the Center" for short below) was founded on April 14, 2017 on the foundation of the former ideological and political teaching group of the Department of Public Basic Courses. The foundation of the Center is an important move to fully implement the party's educational policy, straighten up the guiding ideology for running a school and fulfill the fundamental tasks of morality education and people cultivation.Under the leadership of the Party Committee and the administration of the school, the Center is responsible for organizing the teaching of Marxist public theory courses and the education of the ideological and political courses in the whole university and carrying out studies on Marxist theory and ideological and political education of college students in a bid to help students establish a sound world outlook, outlook on life and values and cultivate qualified builders and reliable successors of the socialist cause.Now, the Center has 7 professors, 1 associate professor, 2 lecturers, 3 secretaries and 3 teaching assistants.


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According to the requirements of the Ministry of Education, our ideological and political theory program has 8 compulsory courses, 5 undergraduate courses, 2 postgraduate courses and 1 Ph.D. postgraduate course.The "Cultivation of Ethics and Fundamentals of Law", "The Outline of Modern and Contemporary History of China", "The Basic Principles of Marxism", "Mao Zedong Thought and Introduction to the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics" and "Situation and Policy" are provided to undergraduates.The "Introduction of Dialectics of Nature" and "The theory and practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics" are offered to postgraduates.The "   Chinese Marxism and Contemporary" is offered to Ph.D. postgraduates.

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