Li Zhang

Assistant Professor |School of Life Sciences, Department of Biology

Dr. Li Zhang obtained her Ph.D degree at National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing and Peking Union Medical College, studying how pathogens manipulated host signaling pathways. She then moved to New York in 2015 to study Mycobacterium tuberculosis, focusing mechanism of Mycobacterium tuberculosis-induced macrophage death. She found type I interferon signaling played an important role and its blockade augmented the effect of a TB drug in Mtb-infected mice. After joining SUSTech in 2022, she seeks to understand the detailed interaction between Mycobacterium tuberculosis for a better understanding of Tuberculosis and better therapies.

She is also interested in how tissue-specific type I interferon signaling contributed to disease progression in Tuberculosis.

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◆Interaction between Mycobacterium tuberculosis and host

◆Mechanism of Mycobacterium tuberculosis-induced macrophage death

◆Role of type I interferon in Tuberculosis

◆Host-directed therapy against Tuberculosis

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Zhang L, Jiang X, Pfau D, Ling Y, Nathan CF. (2021) Type I Interferon Signaling Mediates Mycobacterium tuberculosis-Induced Macrophage Death. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 218(2): e20200887. DOI: 10.1084/jem.20200887.

◆Yao Q *, Zhang L *, Wan X, Chen J, Hu L, Ding X, Li L, Karar J, Peng H, Chen S, Huang N, Rauscher FJ, Shao F. (2014) Structure and specificity of the bacterial cysteine methyltransferase effector NleE suggests a novel substrate in human DNA repair pathway. PLoS Pathogens, 10(11): e1004522. (* Equal contribution)

◆Li S *, Zhang L *, Yao Q, Li L, Dong N, Rong J, Gao W, Ding X, Sun L, Chen X, Chen S, Shao F. (2013) Pathogen blocks host death receptor signalling by arginine GlcNAcylation of death domains. Nature, 501, 242-246. (* Equal contribution)

Zhang L, Ding X, Cui J, Xu H, Chen J, Gong YN, Hu L, Zhou Y, Ge J, Lu Q, Liu L, Chen S, Shao F. (2012) Cysteine methylation disrupts ubiquitin-chain sensing in NF-κB activation. Nature, 481,204-208.

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