Jiping Zhang

Chair Professor College of Science, Department of Mathematics, International Center for Mathematics

Professor Jiping Zhang obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Shandong university in 1981, master's degree from Peking University in 1984, followed by a PhD from Peking University in 1987. He was elected as Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2019.

In February 2020, he became the Director of the Shenzhen International Centre for Mathematics, SUStech.

Personal Profile

2019 Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences

2009 Chen Shengshen Prize in Mathematics

2004 National outstanding scientific and technical workers

2004 National "May 1" labor medalist 

2000 Outstanding mid-aged experts

1998: Outstanding Youth Scholar by Hong Kong Qiushi Scientific and Technological Foundation

1997: Third Prize of 1997 National Natural Science Award

1996: First Prize of Natural Science Award, the Ministry of Education of China

1995: Outstanding Young Scientist Grant, NSFC


Algebra (including group theory and representation theory)

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Jiping Zhang was a prominent contributor to the Finite Monophyletic Taxonomy in the early 1980s. Immersed in the world of math, Zhang soon reaped the rewards for his diligence. His doctoral dissertation, “A condition for the existence of p-blocks of defect 0” and his solution to the Brauer’s problem 39 drew widespread attention from the international mathematical community. And he started working on new p-nilpotency criterion.

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