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1.Protein-complex structure completion using IPCAS (Iterative Protein

Crystal structure Automatic Solution),Weizhe Zhang, Hongmin Zhang, Tao Zhang, Haifu Fan and Quan Hao,2015,Acta Cryst. D71, 1487–1492

2.“Anion clamp” allows flexible protein to impose coordination geometry on metal ions. M Wang, TP Lai, L Wang, H Zhang, N Yang, PJ Sadler, H Sun, Chemical Communications 2015, 51 (37), 7867-7870

3.Cyclic Adenosine 5′-Diphosphate Ribose Analogs without a “Southern” Ribose Inhibit ADP-ribosyl Cyclase-Hydrolase CD38. Swarbrick JM, Graeff R, Zhang H, Thomas MP, Hao Q, Potter BV. J Med Chem. 2014 Oct 1.

Crystallographic phasing with NMR models: an envelope approach. Zhang W, Zhang T, Zhang H, Hao Q. Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr. 2014 Jul;70(Pt 7):1977-82.

4.Hongmin Zhang, Richard Graeff, Hon Cheung Lee, and Quan Hao (2013) Crystal Structures of Human CD38 in Complex with NAADP and ADPRP Messenger Vol. 2, 44-53

5.Nan Yang, Hongmin Zhang, Minji Wang, Quan Hao and hongzhe Sun (2012) Iron and bismuth bound human serum transferrin reveals a partially-opened conformation in the N-lobe. Scientific Report , 2:999. doi: 10.1038/srep00999. Epub 2012 Dec 19

6.Kwong, A. K.; Chen, Z.; Zhang, H.; et al. (2012) Catalysis-based inhibitors of the calcium signaling function of CD38. Biochemistry Volume: 51 Issue: 1 Pages: 555-64 (co-first)

7.Zhang, H.; Wang, J. H. (2012) Protein expression and purification of integrin I domains and IgSF ligands for crystallography. Methods Mol Biol Volume: 757 Pages: 101-10 (corresponding)

8.Ng, A. K.; Lam, M. K.; Zhang, H.; et al. (2012) Structural basis for RNA-binding and homo-oligomer formation by influenza B virus nucleoprotein. J Virol 86(12): 6758-67

9.Zhou, Y.; Zhang, H.; He, B.; et al. (2012) The Bicyclic Intermediate Structure Provides Insights into the Desuccinylation Mechanism of Human Sirtuin 5 (SIRT5) J Biol Chem Volume: 287 Issue: 34 Pages: 28307-14

10.Zhou, B.; Chen, Q.; Mallis, R. J.; Zhang, H.; et al. (2011) A Conserved Hydrophobic Patch on Vβ Domains Revealed by TCRβ Chain Crystal Structures: Implications for Pre-TCR Dimerization. Front Immunol Volume: 2 Pages: 5

11.Zhang H, Hao Q. (2011) Crystal structure of NDM-1 reveals a common {beta}-lactam hydrolysis mechanism. FASEB J. Volume: 25 Issue: 8 Pages: 2574-2582 (co-corresponding)

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13.Zhang H, Graeff R, Chen Z, Zhang L, Zhang L, Lee H, Hao Q. (2011) Dynamic conformations of the CD38-mediated NAD cyclization captured in a single crystal. J Mol Biol. 405(4):1070-8.

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15.Zhang H, Astrof NS, Liu JH, Wang JH, Shimaoka M. (2009) Crystal structure of isoflurane bound to integrin LFA-1 supports a unified mechanism of volatile anesthetic action in the immune and central nervous systems. FASEB J. 23(8):2735-40.

16.Zhang H, Casasnovas JM, Jin M, Liu JH, Gahmberg CG, Springer TA, Wang JH. (2008) An unusual allosteric mobility of the C-terminal helix of a high-affinity alpha L integrin I domain variant bound to ICAM-5. Mol. Cell. 31(3):432-7.

17.Ng AK, Zhang H, Tan K, Li Z, Liu JH, Chan PK, Li SM, Chan WY, Au SW, Joachimiak A, Walz T, Wang JH, Shaw PC. (2008) Structure of the influenza virus A H5N1 nucleoprotein: implications for RNA binding, oligomerization, and vaccine design. FASEB J. 22(10):3638-47.

18.Sun JS, Zhang QR, Zhang TY, Zhu ZL, Zhang HM, Teng MK, Niu LW, Xu WH (2005) Developmental expression of FXPRLamide neuropeptides in peptidergic neurosecretory cells of diapause- and nondiapause-destined individuals of the cotton bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera, Gen Comp Endocrinol. 141(1): 48-57.

19.Zhang H, Yang Q, Sun M, Teng M, Niu L. (2004) Hydrogen peroxide produced by two amino acid oxidases mediates antibacterial actions. J. Microbiol. 42(4):336-9.

20.Zhang H, Teng M, Niu L, Wang Y, Wang Y, Liu Q, Huang Q, Hao Q, Dong Y, Liu P. (2004) Purification, partial characterization, crystallization and structural determination of AHP-LAAO, a novel L-amino-acid oxidase with cell apoptosis-inducing activity from Agkistrodon halys pallas venom. Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr. 60(Pt 5):974-7

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