Assistant Researcher Institute of Future Networks

05/18 - now Automatic Malfunction Detection and Fixation System for Data Centers------Assistant Researcher at Southern University of Science and Technology

Abstracted the topological properties of data center networks, designed new malfunction detection and fixation system and write the paper with co-authors

09/17 - 04/18 Network Bandwidth Allocation System------Academic Communication in XJTU

Designed new traffic engineering system using maximum number of edge disjoint paths to improve network robustness and throughput

09/14 - 08/17 Traffic Rescaling in Data Center WANs------Supervisor: Prof. Hong Xu, Henry (CityU)

Designed and implemented new traffic rescaling method in Emulab Gscale testbed to reduce the failure impact in data center WANs

09/12 - 08/14 Software-defined Networking (SDN)------Supervisor: Prof. Chengchen Hu, Prof. Huanzhao Wang and Prof. Yazhe Tang (XJTU)

Built error tolerant address configuration system and performance impact inference system in real SDN data center using ryu 3.8 framework

Completed the controller part of a simple SDN data center demo supported error tolerant routing and bandwidth controlling

08/12 - 08/14 Data Center Networking (DCN)------Supervisor: Prof. Chengchen Hu and Prof. Yadong Zhou (XJTU)

Proposed the basis of data center network performance metrics' computing, designed and programmed a fast algorithm for using automorphisms to compute metrics

06/11 - 07/12 DCN Address Configuration------Supervisor: Prof. Chengchen Hu (XJTU) and Prof. Kai Chen (HKUST)

Identified incorrect approach for data center address configuration (subgraph isomorphism), implemented effective approach (induced subgraph isomorphism) and completed the system

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network failure detection,malfunction fixation, address configuration, network optimization, SDN

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(1) Che Zhang(#), Shiwei Zhang, Bo Jin, Weichao Li, Zhen Wang, Yi Wang(*). 2019. “A3: An Automatic Malfunction Detection and Fixation System in FatTree Data Center Networks,“ In SIGCOMM ’19: ACM SIGCOMM 2019 Conference (SIGCOMM Posters and Demos ’19), August 19–23, 2019, Beijing, China. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 3 pages.

(2) Che Zhang(#)(*), Hong Xu, Libin Liu, Zhixiong Niu, Peng Wang, “Kuijia: Traffic Rescaling in Software-Defined Data Center WANs,” Security and Communication Networks, 2018.01.15, 2018: 6361901:1~6361901:12.

(3) Che Zhang(#), Hong Xu, Libin Liu, Zhixiong Niu, Peng Wang, Yongqiang Tian, Chengchen Hu, “Kuijia: Traffic Rescaling in Data Center WANs,” 2016 IEEE 37th Sarnoff Symposium, 2016.9.19-2016.9.21.

(4) Che Zhang(#), Hong Xu, Chengchen Hu, “Performance Impact Inference with Failures in Data Center Networks,” 2016 IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China (ICCC), 2016.7.27-2016.7.29.

(5) Huanzhao Wang, Kun Qian, Chengchen Hu, Che Zhang, Yadong Zhou, “Routing Optimization for Server-Centric Data Center Networks,” Computer Science and Information Systems (ComSIS), 2016

(6) Kun Qian, Chengchen Hu, Che Zhang, Yadong Zhou, “Multi-Constrained QoS Routing for Server-Centric Data Center Networks,” CCF Internet Conference of China (ICoC), 2014 best paper award

(7) Xingyu Ma, Chengchen Hu, Kai Chen, Che Zhang, Hongtao Zhang, Kai Zheng, Yan Chen, Xianda Sun, “Error Tolerant Address Configuration for Data Center Networks with Malfunctioning Devices,” IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS), 2012

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