Chair Professor/Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering

The Frontier Manufacturing Science Laboratory (FMSL) focuses on the research of precision machining and additive-subtractive-isovolumetric material manufacturing (ASIM). The research involves theoretical analysis, multiscale modeling, high-speed machining, process monitoring and machined part characterization. FMSL aims to understand strain-rate evoked material embrittlement and skin-effect of material damage in high-speed machining of difficult-to-machine materials so as to develop advanced manufacturing equipment. It combines theoretical analyses with the state-of-the-art research techniques, such as high-speed machining, high strain-rate Hopkinson tension and compression, scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, as well as multiscale modeling simulation. FMSL explores the evolution law of material surface integrity in high-speed machining and ASIM, and provides industry with high-efficiency yet high-quality solutions for manufacturing of difficult-to-machine materials.

Personal Profile

Bi Zhang

Chair Professor/Associate Dean for Academic Affairs /Doctoral supervisor

Research Interests:Precision Machining & Additive and Subtractive hybrid manufacturing (ASHM)


Bi Zhang obtained his BS in Jiangsu University in January 1982 and was admitted to the Graduate Program of Zhejiang University for overseas studies in the same year. He obtained MS and PhD degrees from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1985 and 1988, respectively. During 1989-1992, he conducted post-doctoral studies at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Oklahoma State University. Starting from 1992, Dr. Zhang served as an Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor to the University of Connecticut. Dr. Zhang was the Director for Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Mechanical Engineering during 2009-2013, Director of the Management and Engineering for Manufacturing (MEM) Program during 2011-2013, both at the University of Connecticut. During 2014 to 2017, he was a professor in China and a leader of the Precision and Nontraditional Machining Team at “The Collaborative Innovation Center of Major Machine Manufacturing in Liaoning”.From 2001 to 2009, he was a visiting professor in the College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering, Hunan University.Meanwhile, as a Part-time Chief Engineer in National Engineering Research Center for High Efficiency Grinding. Dr. Zhang has worked on precision machining for over 30 years and taken research on additive/subtractive hybrid manufacturing since 2012. He authored and co-authored over 200 research papers. He is a fellow of The International Academy for Production Engineering – CIRP, and of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers – ASME.


  • 06/1990-08/1992,  Post-Doctoral Fellow,  Mechanical & Aerospace Eng., Oklahoma State University.
  • 01/1989-05/1990,  Post-Doctoral Fellow,  Mech. Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.                              
  • 04/1985-03/1988,  Ph.D, Mechanical Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.                     
  • 10/1982-03/1985,  M.S, Mechanical Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.                     
  • 02/1982-09/1982,  Japanese Language Training, Dalian Foreign Language Institute, China.                        
  • 02/1978-01/1982,  B.S, Mechanical Engineering, Jiangsu University (with honors), China.

Employment history:

  • 06/2017 – Present, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs;Chair Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology.
  • 01/2014 – 05/2017, Professor, Dalian University of Technology.
  • 08/2004 – 12/2013, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University of Connecticut (UConn).
  • 09/2011 – 04/2013, Program Director, Management & Engineering for Manufacturing, UConn.
  • 07/2009 – 04/2013, Director, Undergraduate Studies, Mechanical Engineering, UConn.
  • 08/1997 – 08/2004, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, UConn.
  • 10/2001 – 09/2009, Visiting Professor, College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering, Hunan University.
  • 10/2001 – 09/2009, Part-time Chief Engineer, National Engineering Research Center for High Efficiency Grinding, Hunan University.
  • 08/1993 – 08/1998, Director, Center for Precision Machine Tools, UConn.
  • 08/1992 – 08/1997, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, UConn.
  • 04/1988 – 12/1988, Engineer, NEC Materials Design & Development Center, Kawasaki, Japan.

Editorial Activities:

  • Fellow, The International Academy for Production Engineering ―CIRP
  • Fellow, International Academy of Engineering and Technology -AET
  • Editor, Journal of Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering
  • Fellow, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers ― ASME
  • Senior Member, TheSociety of Manufacturing Engineers ― SME
  • Member, The American Society for Precision Engineering ―ASPE
  • Member, The Japan Society for Precision Engineering ― JSPE
  • Editorial Board Member,Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering
  • Editorial Board Member, Diamond & Abrasives Engineering
  • Deputy editor, International Journal of Extreme Manufacturing

Honors and Awards:

  • Outstanding Paper Award, The International Journal of Extreme Manufacturing, August 2020.
  • 《机械工程学报》第三届高影响力论文奖,《机械工程学报》编辑部,2019年11月。
  • Outstanding Contributions Winner, The International Journal of Extreme Manufacturing, October, 2019.
  • Outstanding Paper Award, Journal of Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering, November 2020.
  •  IAAE Scientist Award,Sweden,13,October,2020.
  •  High Research Impact Paper Award, CJME/CMEC,2019.
  •  Best Paper Award, The 2014 Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium, Texas, USA, August 4-6, 2014.  
  •  Outstanding Contribution Award, The 8th International Conference on Frontiers of Design and Manufacturing, 2008.
  •  Marquis Who's Who in American Education, 2006.
  •  Mechanical Engineering Outstanding Faculty Award, UCONN 2003.
  •  Outstanding Reviewer for ASME J. Manuf. Sci. & Eng.,1999.
  •  National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Initiation Award, 1993. 


Precision Machining

1. Subsurface damage mechanisms of hard and brittle materials grinding;

2. Mechanism of matetial embrittlement and “skin-effect” of damages under high strain rate condtions;

3. Ultra-high machining theory and technology;

Additive and Subtractive hybrid manufacturing (ASHM)

1.Additive/ Subtractive/ Laser-forging hybrid machine design;

2.Thermo-mechanical coupling model of additive process;

3.Defect detection and removal technology in additive process;


Major course: Comprehensive Design

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Prof. Zhang Bi specializes in Precision machining and Additive/Subtractive hybrid manufacturing, who has published more than 200 academic papers and a total of 15 patents in China and USA. Meanwhile, he has undertaken more than 60 projects including the US National Science Foundation (NSF), the Department of Energy and other federal organizations, the Connecticut State Government, the China National 863 Program, the Natural Science Foundation Project, and corporate cooperation projects. From 2015 to the present, 25 academic papers have been published by SCI, EI, ISTP, ISR, etc., and 8 patents have been applied for and authorized. In the past three years, Prof. Zhang Bi has undertaken three provincial and ministerial level projects.

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  • 张璧教授一行赴常州市参加2020年度中国(国际)光整加工技术学术会议

  • Congratulations, Li Shuai published an article in The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology


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The candidate should have an earned PhD degree in mechanical engineering with an emphasis on machine tool design, machining mechanics, motorized-spindle design, machining process analysis and simulation. The candidate should have a good publication record and be able to work in a team environment with a good command of English. The candidate for research assistant professor must have a PhD degree for more than 2 years, and for research associate professor for more than 4 years.

For assistant and associate professors, the basic annual salary starts at 300k/ 400K CNY (Pre-tax), commensurating with rank and experience. There are other benefits such as meal supplements, festival bonus, high-temperature subsidies, and year-end awards, as well as the local government compensations.

For postdocs: starting a 335k CNY (Pre-tax). Particularly outstanding candidates can apply for the president's excellent postdoctoral fellowship, with an annual salary reaching 415k CNY. (Pre-tax)

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Address:1088 Xueyuan Blvd., Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China, Southern University of Science and Technology

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