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Yuan Zeng obtained her M.Sc. degree in electrical engineering from the Northwestern Polytechnical University, China, in 2010. From 2010 till 2014, he was a Ph.D. researcher at Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands, and he obtained her Ph.D degree in 2015. From 2015 till 2018, he was a postdoctoral researcher at Delft University of Technology. Since 2018, he is an assistant professor in the Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies at Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China. Her main research interests are digital signal processing, including speech enhancement and image restoration.

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Main research interests are:Multi-channel digital dignal processing, Distributed optimization, Supervised learning, Unsupervised or self-supervised learning, Signal detection and reconstruction, Speech enhancement, Noise reduction, Image reconstruction or restoration.

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Zeng. “Distributed Speech Enhancement in Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks”, ISBN: 978-94-6186-423-9, 2015.


Y.Zeng and Y. Gong. “Example-based Image Inpainting using Feature Learning and Pixel Matching”, IEEE Transaction on Multimedia, to be summitted.

Y.Zeng, Y.Gong and X. Zeng. “Controllable Digital Restoration of Ancient Paintings using Convolutional Neural Network and Pixel Matching”, Pattern Recognition Letters, submitted.

Y. Zeng, J. C.A. van der Lubbe and M. Loog. “Multi-scale Convolutional Neural Networks for Pixel-wise Image Reconstruction”, Machine Vision and Application, Jul. 2019.

Y.Zeng, M. Zhang, F. Han, Y. Gong and J. Zhang. “Spectrum Analysis and Convolutional Neural Network for Modulation Recognition”, IEEE Wireless Communication Letter, Feb. 2019.

Y. Zeng and R. C. Hendriks. “Distributed Estimation of the Inverse of the Correlation Matrix for Privacy Preserving Beamforming”, Signal processing, 107: 109-122, Feb. 2015.

Y. Zeng and R. C. Hendriks. “Distributed Delay and Sum Beamformer for Speech Enhancement via Randomized Gossip”, IEEE/ACM Trans. Audio, Speech and Language processing, 22(1):260-273, Jan. 2014.

J. Ma and Y. Zeng. “Fault diagnosis method for Aero-engine based on Independent Component Analysis and Discrete Hidden Markov Model”, International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2010.

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