Fuxing Zeng

Assistant professor |School of Life Sciences, Department of Biology

I studied organic chemistry at University of Science and Technology of China and did a PhD in structural biology at University of Science and Technology of China. Before joining Southern University of Science and Technology, I did a postdoc in Hong Jin’s group at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on translation machinery in yeast and E.coli.

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Translation of genetic information into protein is fundamental to life. It is carried out by the large macromolecular machine called the ribosome. We use a combination of bioinformatic, biochemical, crystallographic and electron microscopic techniques to study the mechanism of translation by ribosomes. Some current projects in the lab include:

◆ Translational Quality Control. Failures in protein synthesis are inevitable given the massive number of proteins that cells create. We are studying how protein synthesis that stalls midway can lead to translation arrest, degradation of the partially synthesized nascent chain, and degradation of the mRNA.

◆ Non-canonical translation initiation. In cancer cells, due to the phosphorylation of eIF2beta, the translation initiation is carried out in a non-canonical pathway. Understanding of the mechnisim of this initiation pathway will help to shed light on the development of anticancerl therapeutic agents.

◆ Ribosome Biogenesis. Ribosome maturation is an extraordinary complex process that requires numerous additional protein factors. Errors in ribosome biogenesis are related to lots of diseases including cancers.

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1.  Mingzong Li, Weidong Tang, Fuxing Zeng, Liguang Lou and Tianpa You (2008). “Semi-synthesis and biological activity of gamma-lactones analogs of camptothecin.” Bioorg Med Chem Lett 18(24): 6441-6443.


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