English Instructor Center For Language Education

-Graduated from UCSB with Master Degree in Economics.

-Taught in the Capital University of Economics and Business and lectured Business courses, such as Introduction to Marketing, Business Writing and Business Case Study, to MBA students, graduates and undergraduate students.

- Received the 2nd prize on the National Foreign Language Teaching Contest

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Business English Writing, Academic English Writing, Standardized English Test and assessment


Teaching SE-2, SE-3 and EAP courses for undergraduates;

Offering TOEFL Prep course for SUSTech Students.

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Y. Yu. Study on the differences in business English writing evaluating criteria in Chinese classrooms and offices. The 1st international Conference on “The Communication and Influence of Culture”, Beijing, November 2015 (conference paper).

Y. Li, Y. Yu, X. Pan. Evaluation on official tourism websites of tourist cities: An empirical study. International Conference on Social Science and Business (ICSSB), Taipei, January 2013 (conference paper).

Y. Li, Y. Yu. Web-sites user’s satisfaction measurement and its implications for management. The 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Management Science and Electronic Commerce, 2011: 2694-2698 (conference paper). 

H. Zhang, T. Bei, Y. Yu. Appreciation of the Essence of Foreign Literature (III), Anhui Education Press, 2013, in Chinese (ISBN: 978-7-5336-7462-5).

Y. Zhang, Y. Liu, Y. Bai, Y. Yu. Multi-task Course for College English, Capital University of Economics and Business Press, 2012, in Chinese (ISBN: 7-5638-1990-8).

M. Ouyang, Y. Yu. Improving English Proficiency in Writing and Translation, Jiangxi Science and Technology Publishing House, 2003, in Chinese (ISBN: 7-5390-2300-7).

Z. Wang, P. Jiang, Y. Yu. Business Negotiation, Zhejiang University Press, 2002, in Chinese (ISBN: 7-308-02965-4).

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