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Dr. Peng Yu received bachelor and master degrees from the department of mechanical engineering of Tsinghua University in 1997 and 2000, respectively. Afterwards, he studied in the department of Physics of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and received the PhD degree in 2003. From 2004 to 2006, he was granted Humboldt research fellowship and worked at TU Darmstadt in Germany. From 2006 to 2012, he served as a senior research fellow at the University of Queensland in Australia. In 2013, He was recognized as overseas high-caliber personnel (level B) by Shenzhen municipality and joined the department of materials and engineering of the Southern University of Science and Technology as an associate professor.

Dr. Peng Yu’s research interests include understanding the basic knowledge of powder metallurgy of advanced materials, such as light alloys, metal matrix composites, and porous metals, as well as developing technologies with industrial application potentials based on powder injection molding and additive manufacturing. His researches have led to over 60 papers published in international journals and over 30 patents. He was also invited by international conferences to give keynote speeches for several times.

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Manufacturing kinds of metal alloys by powder metallurgy and metal injection molding and having research on some major properties of the products.


1. Phase Transformations in Metals and Alloys

2. Material Mechanical Behavior

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The Technological Design of Geometrically Complex Ti-6Al-4V Parts by Metal Injection Molding 2019

Shulong Ye, Wei Mo, Yonghu Lv, Zhanhua Wang, Chi Tat Kwok and Peng Yu,* Applied Sciences

Effects of Fe3P Addition on Sintering Behaviors and Magnetic Properties of Fe-P Alloys Sintered at Low Temperatures 2019

Rui Ma, Kaiping Yu, Litao Liu, Heng Jiang , Shulong Ye and Peng Yu* Metals 2019, 9(3) 321

Influences of sintering parameters on shape-retention ability of porous Ni3Al intermetallic fabricated by powder metallurgy 2019

Heng Jiang, Shulong Ye, Rui Ma, Peng Yu∗ Intermetallics 105 (2019) 48–55

On the Microstructures and Fatigue Behaviors of 316L Stainless Steel Metal Injection Molded with Gas- and Water-Atomized Powders 2018

Yongyun Zhang, Ensheng Feng, Wei Mo, Yonghu Lv, Rui Ma, Shulong Ye, Xiaogang Wang and Peng Yu,* Metals 2018, 8(11),893

Fabrication of biomedical Ti-24Nb-4Zr-8Sn alloy with high strength and low elastic modulus by powder metallurgy 2018

Xia Li, Shulong Ye, Xini Yuan, Peng Yu, * Journal of Alloys and Compounds 772 (2019) 968-977

Microstructural development of electron beam processed Al-3Ti-1Sc alloy under different electron beam scanning speeds 2017

P. Yu*, M. Yan, D. Tomus, C.A. Brice, C.J. Bettles, B. Muddle, M. Qian** Materials Characterization 143 (2018) 43–49

Novel dealloying structures and ageing behaviors of Cu-Zr metallic glass ribbons 2017

Shuang Zhang, Shulong Ye, Peng Yu* Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 458 (2017) 61–64

Substitution effect on glass formation of NixCo60−xNb40 alloys 2016

Shulong Ye, Shuang Zhang, Jürgen Eckert, Peng Yu* Materials Letters 185 (2016) 541–544

The role of alloying elements on the sintering of Cu 2016

Huali Hao, Shulong Ye, Kaiping Yu, Peng Chen, Ruinan Gu, Peng Yu* Journal of Alloys and Compounds 684 (2016) 91-97

Effects of cold compacting pressure on the expansion behavior of Ti-48Al during sintering 2016

Shulong Ye , Huali Hao , Wei Mo, Kaiping Yu, Litao Liu, Chengji Deng, Peng Yu* , Journal of Alloys and Compounds 673 (2016) 399-404

The effect of trace amount of Ti and W on the powder metallurgy process of Cu 2016

Huali Hao, Wei Mo, Yonghu Lv, Shulong Ye, Ruinan Gu, Peng Yu*. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 660 (2016) 204-207

Cobalt-doped Ti–48Al–2Cr–2Nb alloy fabricated by cold compaction and pressureless sintering 2013

Y. Xia , P. Yu , G.B. Schaffer , M. Qian. Materials Science & Engineering A 574 (2013) 176–185

A correlation between failure angle and constituent for Al-AlN composites under uniaxial tensile conditions 2012

Peng Yu, Ma Qian, G. B. Schaffer. Metallurgical and Materials Transaction A, (2012), vol. 43A, p. 3239-3299

Fabrication of porous aluminium with controllable pore fractioin 2011

Peng Yu, Ming Yan, G. B. Schaffer. ActaMaterialia, (2011) vol 42, p. 2040-2047

Pressureless Infiltration and Resulting Mechanical Properties of Al-AlN Preforms Fabricated by Selective Laser Sintering and Partial Nitridation 2010

Peng Yu, Ma Qian, G. B. Schaffer. Metallurgical and Materials Transaction A, (2010) vol 41A, p. 2417-2424(SCI源刊)

On the infiltration mode during fabrication of aluminium composite. 2010

Peng Yu, Ma Qian, Ling Li, G. B. Schaffer. ActaMatererialia, (2010) vol. 58, p. 3790-3797

Secondary phases and interfaces in a nitrogen-atmosphere sintered Al alloy 2010

M.Yan, Peng Yu, G. B. Schaffer, Ma Qian.

TEM evidence for the formation of AlN during liquid phase sintering. Metallurgical and Materials Transaction A, (2010) vol. 58, p. 5667-5674

Microstructural evolution during pressureless infiltration of aluminum alloy parts fabricated by selective laser sintering. 2009

Peng Yu, G. B. Schaffer. ActaMatererialia, (2009) vol 57, p. 163-170

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