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Dr. Yanjun Liu is currently an associate professor at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), China. He received his Ph.D. degree in photonics from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, in 2007, M.S. degree in optics from Fudan University, China, in 2003, and B.E. degree in optoelectronics from Shandong University, China, in 2000. Before joining SUSTech, he was a research scientist in ASTAR, Singapore (2010-2016), and postdoctoral scholar in Penn State University (2008-2010) and European Laboratory for Non-Linear Spectroscopy (LENS) (2007-2008). His research interests include liquid crystal photonics, active plasmonics and metamaterials, etc. He is experienced in polymer micro/nano-photonic structures, liquid crystal devices, and laser holograms. He has authored/co-authored over 100 peer-reviewed journal publications and over 30 peer-reviewed conference papers in his research fields. He is the recipient of Chinese government award for outstanding self-financed students abroad, ICTP TRIL programme fellowship in Italy, and the 12th thousand young talents plan.

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姓名  : 刘言军
电话 : 0755-88018520 
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        刘言军博士目前在深圳南方科技大学电子与电气工程系任职副教授,他于2007年获得新加坡南洋理工大学博士学位,2003年获得复旦大学理学硕士学位,2000年获得山东大学工学学士学位。在入职南方科技大学之前,他曾经在新加坡新加坡南洋理工大学作过副研究员 (2007.3-2007.11),分别在意大利欧洲非线性光谱实验室(2007.11-2008.5)和美国宾州州立大学(2008.9-2010.5)作过博士后,以及在新加坡科技局材料研究院担任过研究科学家(2010.8-2016.8)。

        刘言军博士主要从事液晶光电子学、等离激元光子学、超材料及超表面等领域的研究。目前已经累计发表文章90多篇,会议报告20多次,其中邀请报告8次,出版专著1章,申请专利5项,论文总引用超过1500次,H指数24。刘博士的研究成果已经引起不同领域研究学者极大的兴趣,包括工程、应用物理、材料以及化学领域等。他的许多工作在一些重要的杂志上作为封面文章发表,包括Advanced Materials, Applied Physics Letters, Small, Nanoscale, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Journal of Materials Chemistry C和Nanotechnology。此外,刘言军博士还荣获2006年国家优秀自费留学生奖;2007年ICTP TRIL Programme Fellowship;2012年新加坡科技局职业发展奖;2015年Joseph Wang Award;入选2017深圳市孔雀计划B类人才。


2004/7–2007/2, 南洋理工大学, 光子学, 博士, 导师:孙小卫

2000/9–2003/6, 复旦大学, 光学,  硕士, 导师:徐克璹

1996/9–2000/7, 山东大学, 电子科学与技术, 学士。





2008/9-2010/5,宾州州立大学,工程科学与机械系,博士后,合作导师:Tony Jun Huang

2007/11-2008/5,欧洲非线性光谱实验室,光子学课题组,博士后,合作导师:Diederik S. Wiersma





2015年Joseph Wang Award


2007年意大利ICTP TRIL Programme Fellowship





· Active plasmonics, plasmonic metamaterials, chiral plasmonics, super-resolution imaging.

· Polymer-dispersed liquid crystals; Liquid crystal elastomers.

· Liquid crystal photonics; Molecular machines.

· Tunable photonic crystals, lasers, random lasers, microlenses, sensors, etc.

· Light transport, diffusion, and localization in ordered & disordered structures.

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Dr. Liu Yanjun mainly focus on areas including liquid crystal optoelectronics, plasmon photonics, metamaterials and hypersurfaces. At present, more than 90 articles and more than 20 conference reports, including 8 invited reports, 1 chapter of monograph and 5 patent applications have beed published, with more than 1500 citations and h index 24. Dr. Liu’s researches have aroused great interest by scholars in different fields, including engineering, applied physics, materials and chemistry. Many of his works have been published as cover articles in some important magazines, including advanced materials, applied physics letters, small, nanoscale, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Journal of Materials Chemistry C and nanotechnology.

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  • Jianxun Liu won the Best Student Poster Award on the fourth Asian Conference on Liquid Crystals (ACLC 2019)

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Job Opening in Yanjun Liu group of Dept. EEE at SUSTech

Job Title:Post-doc/ doctor/ research assistant.

Research area:

  1. Plasmonics
  2. Metamaterials and metasurface
  3. Liquid crystal photonics


Qualifications for Post-doc and PhD applicants:

  1. Post-doc applicants shall hold or will hold a PhD in physics, optics or related areas, PhD applicants shall hold a master degree. Experience with plasmonics, metamaterials and metasurface, liquid crystal photonics, micro/nano-fabrication and characterization or related simulation research background will be preferred.
  2. Passionate in scientific research, highly motivated, diligent and cooperative, strong initiative and self-learning ability.
  3. Those who have high-impact SCI publications in relevant area or have overseas research experience will be highly preferred.
  4. Good English writing and communication ability.


Requirements for research assistant applicants:

  1. Applicants shall hold a bachelor degree or above in optics, materials, physics or related fields.
  2. Applicants with research background as listed below will be preferred: micro/nano-fabrication and characterization, plasmonics, metamaterials and metasurface and liquid crystal photonics.
  3. Those who have high-impact SCI publications in relevant area or have overseas research experience will be highly preferred.
  4. Good English writing and communication ability, cooperative, strong initiative and self-learning ability.


Salary and Benefits:

  1. Competitive annual salary will be offered based on candidates’ research qualifications. Advantageous social security and benefits will be also offered.
  2. Extra performance reward will be offered by group based on personal performance.


Application materials:

  1. Curriculum vitae (C.V.) (including education and research background, working experience, research achievements (if any): representative publications, awards, etc.), and other relevant credentials materials.
  2. If interested, please email a detailed C.V. to Dr. Yanjun Liu (Email: (Mail subject: Job title + name)


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