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Prof. Dr. Ye was born in Hunan, China. He obtained the B.S. degree from Hunan Normal University (HNNU) in 2007. After that, he continued his research experience in Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health (GIBH), under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Jiancun Zhang and obtained his Master degree in 2010. He then joined Prof. Dr. Dan Yang’s group in The University of Hong Kong and earned his Ph.D. degree in 2015. His Ph.D. research focused on organopalladium chemistry. In 2016, he continued his postdoctoral study in Prof. Xin-Yuan Liu’s group in the Southern University of Science and Technology of China. At the beginning of 2018, he joined Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies as a research associate professor in SUSTech. His research interest is radical-involved asymmetric reactions.

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1 Cooperative catalysis of organocatalysis and metal

2 Radical-invovled asymmetric reactions

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In recent years, we focused on the development of efficient catalytic system comprised of organocatalyst and transition metals to address many challenges in modern organic synthesis, such as asymmetric difunctionalization of unactivated alkenes, asymmetric C-H functionalization etc.. We have made great achievements in the challenging field of asymmetric radical chemistry and published more than 10 innovative articles on top journals including Nat. Commun., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., and Org. Lett..

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