Yang, Zhentao

Research Assistant Professor/Senior engineer Department of Earth and Space Sciences

In 1999, Yang received a bachelor's degree in Applied Geophysics from China Ocean University, a master's degree in Solid Geophysics from Peking University in 2004, and a doctor's degree in Solid Geophysics from China University of Science and Technology in 2017. Yang has worked in Shanghai Institute of Geological Survey and Shanghai General Institute of Urban Design and Research for more than ten years. Yang is a senior engineer in charge of engineering geophysical prospecting. Mainly engaged in urban geophysics, active and passive source surface wave exploration, underground pipeline detection technology, and urban geological hazard detection technology. Yang has published more than 10 professional papers at home and abroad and applied for 3 patents for invention.

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Surface wave imaging, Engineering geophysical exploration, Urban geophysics

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Selected publications:

1.Pan, L. and X. Chen, et al. (2019). “Sensitivity analiysis of dispersion curves of Rayleigh waves with fundamental and higher modes.” Geophyscial Journal International 216 (2): 1276-1303.

2.Yang, Z. and X. Fang, et al. (2018). “A robust approach for determining borehole shape from six-arm caliper logs.” Geophysics 83 (6): 203-215.

3.Yang Z T, Chen X F,Pan L,et al.2019.Mutlti-channel analysis of Rayleigh waves based on the Vector Wavenumber Transformation Method(VWTM).Chinese J.(in Chinese),62(1):298-305.

4.Yang Z T,Ning J Y and Zhao YH. 2004. Finite element computation of rheology for multi-mineral rocks. Acta Petrologica Sinica, 20(6):1469-1476.


1.Surface wave exploration method and terminal equipment(ZL 2017 8 0001187.9;US 10,739,482 B2

2.Active source surface wave exploration method and terminal equipment(US 11,137,511 B2

3.Intertidal seismic exploration method and terminal device(ZL 2018 1 0746816.7

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The Department of Earth and Space Sciences (ESS) at Southern University of Science and Technology was established in December 2016. Prof. Xiaofei Chen, a renowned seismologist and an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), is appointed as an initiatory departmental head. 

The studies in ESS concern the physics of the Earth, geo-space and planets in outer space. Through building up a world-leading program of research and education in Earth and Space Sciences, we strive to conduct the research that would advance our understanding on the complex natural system of Earth and Space, in order to provide science-based solutions to many of the societal challenges of our time: natural hazards, natural energy resources, space exploration, etc. In the meantime, our department offers rigorous hands-on training to students and prepares them to be future leaders in academia, government and industry. 

ESS encompasses a wide range of scientific disciplines: Geophysics, Space Physics, Satellite Geodesy and Planetary Science. By the end of October 2019, ESS has thirty-one faculty members, including six professors, four associate professors, eleven assistant professors, and ten research assistant professors, including one Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, three Distinguished Young Scholars of National Nature Science Fund, one Excellent Young Scientists of National Science Fund. elcome more talents to join us and work together to build a world-class research and education center for Earth and Space Sciences. 
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