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Dr. Yukun Yang joined the College of Business at the Southern University of Science and Technology in 2021 as an assistant professor and Ph.D. advisor. Her research areas include governance of digital platforms and ecosystems, blockchain, crowdfunding, and open innovation. Her papers have been published on Information Systems Research, Academy of Management, Conference on Information Systems and Technology, and Americas Conference on Information Systems. She also has multiple business cases published on IMD Business School and Richard Ivey School of Business.

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Ph.D., Computer Information Systems, Georgia State University, 2016-2021

M.Sc., Business Information Systems, City University of Hong Kong, 2012-2013

B.A., Financial Management, Henan University, 2008-2012


Honors and Awards

Charles A. William Scholarship, Georgia State University, 2021

Doctoral Student Full Scholarship, Georgia State University, 2016-2021


Open Innovation, Digital Platform and Ecosystem Governance, Blockchain, Crowdfunding, Open-source Community



● EBA420 Management Frontiers and Practices (Undergraduate)

Georgia State University

● CIS3260 Introduction to Programming in Java(Undergraduate)

City University of Hong Kong

● IS6930 Management Consulting in Asia(Postgraduate)

● FB5003 Management Information Systems(MBA)

● IS6912 Information Systems Project(Postgraduate)

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Journal Publications

  • Yu-Kai Lin*, Arun Rai*, and Yukun Yang* (2022). “Information Control for Creator Brand Management in Subscription-based Crowdfunding,” Information Systems Research (UTD-24, FT50) (*equal contributions)

Conference Publications

  • Yukun Yang and Likoebe Maruping (2021). “Network Effects in Public Blockchain Ecosystems: A Layer-Subsystem Perspective,” Academy of Management Proceedings 2021.
  • Yukun Yang and Maheshwar Boodraj (2020). “Managing Code Debt in Open Source Software Development Projects: A Digital Options Perspective,” Proceedings of the Twenty-sixth Americas Conference on Information
  • Yu-Kai Lin, Arun Rai, and Yukun Yang (2019). “Getting Behind Closed Doors: Developing Fan Engagement in Subscription-based Crowdfunding,” Proceedings of the 11th Conference on Information Systems and Seattle, Washington.

Book Chapter

  • Likoebe M. Maruping, and Yukun Yang (2020). “Governance in Digital Open Innovation Platforms,” In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Business and Management. Oxford University Press. doi:

Case Publications

  • Su, N., Fang, , Yang, Y. (2016), “Didi Kuaidi,” Ivey Publishing Number 9B16M060, 8 pages, Richard Ivey School of Business.
  • Su, N., Fang, , Yang, Y. (2016), “Didi, Kuaidi, and Uber in China,” Ivey Publishing Number 9B16M059, 10 pages, Richard Ivey School of Business.
  • Wade, , Shan, J., Fang, Y., Yang, Y. (2016), “Uber Takes in China,” IMD Publishing Number IMD-7-1907, 15 pages, IMD Business School.
  • Su, N., Fang, , Yang, H., Yang, Y., Qiu, X. (2015), “The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma: Alibaba, Tencent, And Amazon as E-Commerce Platform,” Ivey Publishing Number 9B15E015, 20 pages, Richard Ivey School of Business.
  • Su, N., Fang, , Yang, Y. (2015), “Tencent: WeChat Red Envelope Initiate,” Ivey Publishing Number 9B15M045, 9 pages, Richard Ivey School of Business.
  • Su, , Fang, Y., Yang, Y., Yin, J. (2014), “Tencent: Innovating in China’s Mobile Payment Industry,” Ivey Publishing Number 9B14M149, 14 pages, Richard Ivey School of Business.





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