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Bing Yang studied physics in Harbin, China, where he got his bachelor degree in 2009. Moving to Hefei, he started his PhD at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). In 2012, he joined the Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg and worked with ultracold atoms in optical lattices. After receiving his doctorate in 2015, he continued studying the strongly correlated quantum gases in optical lattices as a post-doctoral fellow. In 2020, he moved to the University of Innsbruck where he studied ultracold highly magnetic atoms. Now he becomes an associated Professor in SUSTech. His research interests mainly focus on quantum many-body physics, ultracold-atom-based quantum simulation and quantum computation.

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1. Low-dimensional quantum gases.

2. Quantum many-body physics based on ultracold atoms.

3. Quantum computation with neutral atoms.

4. Quantum simulation and exotic quantum matters.

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[14] Thermalization dynamics of a gauge theory on a quantum simulator.

Z.-Y. Zhou, G.-X. Su, J. C Halimeh, R. Ott, H. Sun, P. Hauke, B. Yang, Z.-S. Yuan, J. Berges, J.-W. Pan. arxiv arXiv:2107.13563 (2021).

[13]  Realization of a bosonic antiferromagnet.

H. Sun, B. Yang*, H.-Y. Wang, Z.-Y. Zhou, G.-X. Su, H.-N. Dai, Z.-S. Yuan* & J.-W. Pan*. Nature Physics 17, 990–994  (2021). (*Corresponding author)

[12] Observation of a narrow inner-shell orbital transition in atomic erbium at 1299 nm. 

B. Yang, A. Patscheider, G. Natale, D. Petter, L. Chomaz, M. J. Mark, G. Hovhannesyan, M. Lepers & F. Ferlaino. Phys. Rev. Research 3, 033256 (2021)..

[11] Observation of gauge invariance in a 71-site Bose–Hubbard quantum simulator.

B. Yang, H. Sun, R. Ott, H.-Y. Wang, T. V. Zache, J. C. Halimeh, Z.-S. Yuan, P. Hauke & J.-W. Pan. Nature 587, 392-396 (2020).

[10] Robustness of gauge-invariant dynamics against defects in ultracold-atom gauge theories.

J. C. Halimeh, R. Ott, I. P. McCulloch, B. Yang & P. Hauke. Physical Review Research 2, 033361 (2020).

[9] Cooling and entangling ultracold atoms in optical lattices.

B. Yang, H. Sun, C.-J. Huang, H.-Y. Wang, Y. Deng, H.-N. Dai, Z.-S. Yuan & J.-W. Pan.  Science 369, 550-553 (2020).

[8] Determining RBE for development of lung fibrosis induced by fractionated irradiation with carbon ions utilizing fibrosis index and high-LET BED model.

C. Zhou, B. Jones, M. Moustafa, B. Yang, S. Brons, L. Cao, Y. Dai, C. Schwager, M. Chen, O. Jaekel, L. Chen, J. Debus & A. Abdollahi.  Clinical and Translational Radiation Oncology 14, 25-32 (2019).

[7] Four-body ring-exchange interactions and anyonic statistics within a minimal toric-code Hamiltonian.

B. Yang, H.-N. Dai, A. Reingruber, H. Sun, X.-F. Xu, Y.-A. Chen, Z.-S. Yuan & J.-W. Pan.  Nature Physics 13, 1195 (2017).

[6] Quantum criticality and the Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid in one-dimensional Bose gases.

B. Yang, Y.-Y. Chen, Y.-G. Zheng, H. Sun, H.-N. Dai, X.-W. Guan, Z.-S. Yuan & J.-W. Pan.  Physical Review Letters 119, 165701 (2017).

[5] Quantitative assessment of radiation dose and fractionation effects on normal tissue by utilizing a novel lung fibrosis index model.

C. Zhou, B. Jones, M. Moustafa, C. Schwager, J. Bauer, B. Yang, L. Cao, M. Jia, A. Mairani, M. Chen, L. Chen, J. Debus & A. Abdollahi. Radiation Oncology 12, 172 (2017).

[4]  Spin-dependent optical superlattice.

B. Yang, H.-N. Dai, H. Sun, A. Reingruber, Z.-S. Yuan, & J.-W. Pan. Physical Review A 96, 011602(R) (2017).

[3] Generation and detection of atomic spin entanglement in optical lattices.

H.-N. Dai, B. Yang, A. Reingruber, X.-F. Xu, X. Jiang, Y.-A. Chen, Z.-S. Yuan & J.-W. Pan.  Nature Physics 12, 783-787 (2016).

[2] Experimental study on spin entanglement with ultracold atoms in optical lattices.

B. Yang, PHD thesis, University of Science and Technology of China (2015).

[1] Optical stream-cipher-like system for image encryption based on Michelsoninterferometer.

B. Yang, Z. Liu, B. Wang, Y. Zhang & S. Liu.  Optics Express 19, 2634-2642 (2011).

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