Assistant Professor Department of Chemistry

2017-now: tenure-track assistant professor, SUSTech

2016-2017: Postdoc, California Institute of Technology, supervisor: Prof. Robert Grubbs

2012-2016: Postdoc, California Institute of Technology, supervisor: Prof. Sarah Reisman

2006-2011: Ph.D. Peking University, Prof. Zhen Yang and Dr. David Zhigang Wang

2002-2006: B.A. Sun-Yet Sun University

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Organometallics; Asymmetric Catalysis; Total Synthesis of Natural Products


Organic Chemistry; Organic Spectroscopy

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Dr. Chen Xu has made innovative achievements in the design and application of new chiral economic catalysts and the synthesis of complex natural products. Dr. Xu developed the most efficient synthetic strategy (15-18 steps) for the complex natural products ryanodine and ryandool so far, which is shorter than half of the shortest synthesis (36-41 steps) reported, and published them on Science (If = 41.037) and ACS Cent.Sci (If = 12.837) as the first author respectively. In addition, Dr. Xu‘s research group has designed and developed a series of “push-pull” catalysts, which can efficiently catalyze the cyano hydration reaction at room temperature, and its efficiency is 10 times that of the Parkins catalyst which is the best available on the market. This work is published on J.Am.Chem.Soc (if = 14.695). At the same time, under the guidance of helix electron theory, Dr. Xu’s research group designed a new ruthenium catalyst with the least chiral control elements, which solved the problem of asymmetric transfer hydrogenation of diaryletrones; this work was published in ACS Catal (If = 12.221), a top journal in the field of catalysis.

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Our research group has a first-class scientific research platform, a strong learning atmosphere and abundant research funds. We welcome talented and self-motivated postdocs, graduate students and research assistants to join us. If you are interested in our group, please contact Professor Xu directly. Postdoctoral Positions are always available in our group each year.

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