Associate Professor Department of Chemistry

Xiaojiang obtained his Bachelor degree at Nanjing University in China and then under the supervision of Prof. Eric Bakker, he obtained the Master and Ph.D degrees, respectively, at the University of Geneva. He then did a postdoc at ENS Paris working with Prof. Ludovic Jullien and Prof. Thomas Le Saux before joining the Department of Chemistry at SUSTech. In 2017, he was awarded with the Young Thousand Talent Program by the Chinese government. In 2018, he was awarded the Prix Schläfli in Chemistry by the Swiss Academy of Sciences. His current research revolves around 1) developing novel chemical and biological sensing principles at the nanoscale phase-innterface, and 2) Photoswitching, photochromism, and related applications.

Personal Profile

Educational Background:
06.2012 ̶ 07.2015, Ph.D, University of Geneva, Switzerland
09.2010 ̶ 06.2012, Master, University of Geneva, Switzerland
09.2004 ̶ 06.2008, Bachelor, Nanjing University, China
-Prix Schläfli, Chemistry (Swiss Academy of Science, 2018)
-Young Thousand Talent (The Organization Department of The Central Committee, 2017)
-Young Investigators (Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 2016)
-Metrohm Award (Swiss Chemical Society, 2014)
-Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad (2014)


-Potoswitch, Photochromism, and related applications

-Chemical and biological sensors (ion, gas, nucleic acids, proteins, etc. )


Analytical Chemistry (undergraduate course, Spring and Fall Semesters)

Principles of Instrumental Analysis (undergraduate course, Spring Semester)

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(75) Yinghong Tang, Jingying Zhai*, Qinghan Chen, and Xiaojiang Xie*, Ruthenium Bipyridine Complexes as Electrochemiluminescent Transducers for Ionophore-based Ion-Selective Detection. Analyst2021,

(74) Qinghan Chen, Jingying Zhai, Jing Li, Yifu Wang, and Xiaojiang Xie*, Exploring ratiometric endolysosomal pH nanosensors with hydrophobic indicators responding at the nanoscale interface and multiple fluorescence resonance energy transfers. Nano Research2021,

(73) Jing Li, Xueqing Ma, Wei Yang, Chao Guo, Jingying Zhai, and Xiaojiang Xie*, Enhanced Sulfite-Selective Sensing and Cell Imaging with Fluorescent Nanoreactors Containing a Ratiometric Lipid Peroxidation Sensor. Analytical Chemistry,  20219334, 11758-11764

(72)Wei Yang, Jingying Zhai, Jing Li, Yu Qin, Yaotian Wu, Yupu Zhang, Xiaojiang Xie*, Colorimetric and Fluorescent Turn-on Detection of Chloride Ions with Ionophore and BODIPY: Evaluation with Nanospheres and Cellulose Paper. Analytica Chimica Acta2021, 1175: 338752.

(71) Chao Guo, Jingying Zhai, Yifu Wang, Wei Yang, Xiaojiang Xie*, Wash-free Detection of Nucleic Acids with Photoswitch-Mediated Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Against Optical Background Interference. Analytical Chemistry2021, 93, 8128-8133

(70) Xinfeng Du, Jingying Zhai, Xiaoang Li, Yupu Zhang, Niping Li, Xiaojiang Xie*, Hydrogel-based Optical Ion Sensors: Principles and Challenges for Point-of-care Testing and Environmental Monitoring. ACS Sensors2021, 6, 1990-2001

(69) Jingying Zhai, Yaotian Wu, Xiaojiang Xie*, Single-Component Chemical Nose with a Hemicyanine Probe for Pattern-Based Discrimination of Metal Ions. Chinese Journal of Chemistry2021, 39, 1517-1522 (Dedicated to Department of Chemistry, SUSTech, on the Occasion of Her 10th Anniversary.)

(68) Yashu Wang, Jingyi Fan, Mengsi Li, Xiaojiang Xie, Xiangru Meng, Jie Ding*, Hong-Wei Hou*, Expanding benzothiadiazole-tetrazole photo-triggered click reaction with chloride ion into reaction-based chloride ion receptor. Dyes and Pigments2021, 191, 109345

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(64) Jing Li, Jingying Zhai, Yifu Wang, Wei Yang, Xiaojiang Xie*, Dual functional luminescent nanoprobes for monitoring oxygen and chloride concentration changes in cells. Chemical Communications2020, 56, 14980-14983

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Before SUSTech:

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