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Research Associate Professor Lin Xie is interested in advanced electron microscopy and its application in the characterization of functional materials, e.g. multiferroic strong-correlation oxides and thermoelectrics. In the research of property-structure relations of functional materials, I would combine the state-of-the-art advanced electron microscopy techniques (atomic-resolution scanning/transmission electron microscopy, X-ray energy-dispersive spectra and electron energy-loss spectroscopy), in situ TEM and density functional theory calculations. Now I have published 35 research papers on Nature, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Communications, Advanced Materials and Nano Letters.

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Advanced Electron Microscopy

Ferroelectrics/relaxor ferroelectrics

Strong-correlation oxide


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1. J.X. Zhu, J.-W. Lee, H. Lee, L. Xie et al., Probing vacancy behavior across complex oxide heterostructures, Science Advance, 5, eaau8467 (2019).

2. Z.H. Ge, X.Y Chong, D. Feng, Y.X. Zhang, Y. Qiu, L. Xie et al., Achieving an excellent thermoelectric performance in nanostructured copper sulfide bulk via a fast doping strategy, Materials Today Physics, 8, 71-77 (2019).

3. C.K. Park, P. Gharavi, F. Kurnia, Q. Zhang, C.Y. Toe, M. Al-Farsi, N. Allan, Y. Yao, L. Xie et al., GaP-ZnS multilayer films: visible-light photoelectrodes by interface engineering, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123, 3336 (2019).

4. Q.Q. Li, L. Xie* et al., Formation and stability of NOM-Mn(III) colloids in aquatic environments, Water Research 149, 190 (2019). (* co-first author)

5. F. Xiong, M. Wang, H. Zhang, L. Xie et al., Enhanced bidimensonality-driven ultrahigh laser-induced voltages in high-TC superconducting epitaxial films, Advanced Electronic Materials 4, 1800116 (2018).

6. A. Bruchhausen, D.L. Kimura, B. Jusserand, A. Soukiassian, L. Xie et al., Acoustic confinement phenomena in oxide multifunctional nanophonoic devices, Physical Review Materials 2, 106002 (2018).

7. D.Y. Wang, X. Zhang, Y. Yu, L. Xie et al., Enhancing thermoelectric performance of SnTe via stepwisely optimizing electrical and thermal transport properties, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 773, 571 (2018).

8. X. Xu, L. Xie et al., Boosting the thermoelectric performance of pseudo-layered Sb2Te3(GeTe)n via vacancy engineering, Advanced Science 5, 1801514 (2018).

9. Y. Zhang, H.D. Lu, L. Xie et al., Anisotropic polarization-induced conductance at a ferroelectric-insulator interface, Nature Nanotechnology 13, 1132 (2018).

10. Y. Zhang, L. Xie et al., Discovery of a magnetic conductive interface in Pb(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O3/SrTiO3 heterostructures, Nature Communications 9, 685 (2018).

11. J.H. Kang, L. Xie et al., Control of epitaxial BaFe2As2 atomic configurations with substrate surface terminations, Nano Letters 18, 6347 (2018).

12. P. Gharavi, L. Xie et al., Interface Engineering of ZnS/GaP multilayer films: understanding the origins of high visible-light photoactivity, Microscopy and Microanalysis 24(S1), 142 (2018).

13. Y. Gao, Z.H. Lu, T.L. You, J. Wang, L. Xie et al., Energetics of nanoparticles exsolution from perovskite oxides, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 9, 3772 (2018).

14. H.J. Liu, J.C. Wang, D.Y. Cho, K.T. Ho, J.C. Lin, B.C. Wang, Y.W. Fang, Y.M. Zhu, Q. Zhan, L. Xie et al., Giant photoresponse in quantized SrRuO3 monolayer at oxide interfaces, ACS Photonics 5, 1041 (2018).

15. S.B. Wang, Y.H. Bai, L. Xie et al., Ferroelectric polarization-modulated interfacial fine structures involving two-dimensional electron gases in Pb(Zr,Ti)O3/LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10, 1374 (2018).

16. S. Dai, Y. You, S.Y. Zhang, W. Cai, M.J. Xu, L. Xie et al., In situ atomic-scale observation of oxygen-driven core-shell formation in Pt3Co nanoparticles, Nature Communications 8, 204 (2017).

17. X.J. Liu, W. Xi, C. Li, X.B. Li, J. Shi, Y.L. Shen, J. He, L.H. Zhang, L. Xie et al., Nanoporous Zn-doped Co3O4 sheets with single-unit-cell-wide lateral surfaces for effcient oxygen evolution and water splitting, Nano Energy 44, 371 (2018).

18. C. Quintela, N. Campbell, D.F. Shao, J. Irwin, D.T. Harris, L. Xie et al., Epitaxial thin films of Dirac semimetal antiperovskite Cu3PdN, APL Materials 5, 096103 (2017).

19. T.J. Anderson, H. Zhou, L. Xie et al., Interfacial B-site atomic configuration in polar (111) and non-polar (001) SrIrO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures, APL Materials 5, 096110 (2017).

20. Y.F. Kou, T. Miao, H. Wang, L. Xie et al., Strain-induced new phase diagram and unusually high Curie temperature in Manganites, Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5, 7813 (2017).

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