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[1] X.-D. Xiang, Xiaodong Sun, Gabriel Briceno, Yulin Lou, Kai-An Wang, Hauyee Chang, WilliamGregory Wallace-Freedman, Sung-Wei Chen, Peter G. Schultz, “A Combinatorial Approach to Materials Discovery” Science 268, 1738 (1995).

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[9] Jingsong Wang, Young Yoo, Chen Gao, Ichiro Takeuchi, Xiaodong Sun, X-D. Xiang, Peter G. Schultz, “Discovery of a Novel Blue Photoluminescent Materials Using Combinatorial Libraries” Science 279, 1712 (1998).

[10] Xiang XD,Brill JW.“Frequency-Dependence of Elastic Anomalies in Charge-Density-Wave Conductors” Physical Review Letters 63, 1853-1856 (1989)

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