Research Associate Professor College of Science

Ph.D, RAP, AVIC Senior Engineer.

Graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and got Ph.D in 2011. The same year joined AVIC Chengdu Aircraft Design and Research Institute, and once be the Director of Flight Control System Design Department. In 2019 joined SUSTech to research on Unmanned Aircraft Intelligent Sense and Control Technology.

During ph.D, Research on Small UAV Navigation and Control, and took part in the design of the YUYAN UAV for Antarctica Scientific Research.

During work, Research on High Reliable GNC System for Large Scale UAV and took part in the design of Wing Loong UAV and HALE UAV.

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Unmanned Aircraft Intelligent Sense and Control Technology

1)Advance Robost Control

Model Identification base on Deep Learning, Adaptive Control Based on Artificia neural network


3)Mission Autonomy:Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance, Group Collaboration Technology

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[4]. Xiaomei Yang; Yongliang Wu; Mingjie Kang, Blind Signal Detection under Low Signal to Noise Rate in Broad Wireless Communication, 2018 IEEE/CSAA Guidance,Navigation and Control Conference, 2018

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