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Dr. Lei Wu is an Associate Professor at the Southern University of Science and Technology from November 2019. He received his BSc and MSc in Physics from Zhejiang Normal University, China. After obtaining his PhD in Fluid Mechanics from the University of Strathclyde (UK) in 2013, he continued to work there as a postdoctoral research associate, Chancellor’s Fellow and Senior Lecturer.


His research interest is in Rarefied Gas Dynamics, in particular to construct efficient and accurate numerical schemes to solve the Boltzmann equation for dilute gases and the Enskog equation for dense gas/liquid-vapour multiphase flows, as well as kinetic modelling for polyatomic gas flows, with applications in high-altitude aerothermodynamics of space vehicles, microelectromechanical systems, shale gas transportation in ultra-tight shale strata, granular flows, multi-scale heat transfer in crystals, and thermal motion of quantum gases.

Personal Profile


Research and Professional Experiences:

2019/11-Present Southern University of Science and Technology  Associate Professor

2018/12-2019/10  University of Strathclyde(UK) Senior Lecturer

2015/04-2018/11 University of Strathclyde(UK)  Chancellor Fellow &Lecturer

2013/10-2015/03 University of Strathclyde(UK) Postdoctoral Research Associate

2008/09-2010/10 Zhejiang Agricultural and Forestry University: Lecturer



BSc: 2001/09-2005/06 Zhejiang Normal University (China)

MSc: 2005/09-2008/02 Zhejiang Normal University (China)

PhD:  2010/11-2013/09 University of Strathclyde (UK)


Major Awards:

2019  Sugon Young Scientist Awards. 16th International Conference for Mesoscopic Methods in Engineering and Science 

2018  Strathclyde Teaching Excellence Award

2010-2013 Scotland Overseas Research Students Award

2010 The 2nd prize of Scientific Research Achievement, "Self-similar propagation of nonlinear waves'', Education Department of Zhejiang Province

2008 The Excellent Postgraduate Student Award, Zhejiang Province


Selected publications:

  • Lei Wu, Craig White, Thomas J. Scanlon, Jason M. Reese, Yonghao Zhang (2013) Deterministic numerical solutions of the Boltzmann equation using the fast spectral method. Journal of Computational Physics 250:27-52.
  • Lei Wu, Jason M. Reese, Yonghao Zhang (2014) Solving the Boltzmann equation deterministically by the fast spectral method: application to gas microflows. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 746:53-84.
  • Lei Wu, Jason M. Reese, Yonghao Zhang (2014) Oscillatory rarefied gas flow inside rectangular cavities. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 748:350-367.
  • Lei Wu, Craig White, Thomas J. Scanlon, Jason M. Reese, Yonghao Zhang (2015) A kinetic model of the Boltzmann equation for nonvibrating polyatomic gases. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 763:24-50.
  • Lei Wu*, Jun Zhang, Jason M. Reese, Yonghao Zhang (2015) A fast spectral method for the Boltzmann equation for monatomic gas mixtures. Journal of Computational Physics 298:602-621.
  • Lei Wu*, Yonghao Zhang, Jason M. Reese (2015) Fast spectral solution of the generalized Enskog equation for dense gases. Journal of Computational Physics 303:66-79.
  • Lei Wu*, Haihu Liu, Jason M. Reese, Yonghao Zhang (2016) Nonequilibrium dynamics of dense gas under tight confinement. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 794:252- 266. 
  • Lei Wu*, Jun Zhang, Haihu Liu, Yonghao Zhang, Jason M. Reese (2017) A fast iterative scheme for the linearized Boltzmann equation. Journal of Computational Physics 338:431-451.
  • Lei Wu*, Minh Tuan Ho, Lefki Germanou, Xiaojun Gu, Chang Liu, Kun Xu, Yonghao Zhang (2017) On the apparent permeability of porous media in rarefied gas flows. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 822:398-417.
  • Lei Wu*, Henning Struchtrup (2017) Assessment and development of the gas kinetic boundary condition for the Boltzmann equation. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 823:511-537.
  • Lei Wu (2019) A fast spectral method for the Boltzmann collision operator for quantum gas mixtures: homogeneous relaxation and transport coefficients. Journal of Computational Physics 399:108924.
  • Wei Su, Peng Wang, Haihu Liu, Lei Wu* (2019) Accurate and efficient computation of the Boltzmann equation for Couette flow: influence of intermolecular potentials on Knudsen layer function and viscous slip coefficient. Journal of Computational Physics 378: 573-590.
  • Wei Su, Peng Wang, Yonghao Zhang, Lei Wu* (2019) A high-order hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin method with fast convergence to steady-state solutions of the gas kinetic equation. Journal of Computational Physics 376: 973-991.
  • Wei Su, Lianhua Zhu, Peng Wang, Yonghao Zhang and Lei Wu∗ (2020)  Can we find steady-state solutions to multiscale rarefied gas flows within dozens of iterations? Journal of Computational Physics 407: 109245.


Computational Fluid Dynamics: Kinetic modelling and multi-scale simulation

Rarefied Gas Dynamics: Hypersonic rarefied gas flow, Shale gas extraction, Rayleigh-Brillouin scattering, non-equilibrium phonon transport, etc.


Continuum Mechanics (Autumn)

Rarefied Gas Dynamics (Spring)

Modern Numerical Methods (Spring)

Publications Read More

1) Fast spectral method to solve the Boltzmann/Enskog equation

2) Kinetic modelling and simulation of rarefied quantum gases

3) Kinetic modelling of polyatomic gas and its applications in Rayleigh-Brillouin scattering

4) Calculation of apparent permeability of ultra-tight porous media based on gas kinetic theory

5) General Synthetic Iterative Scheme to find the steady-state solution of Boltzmann equation within dozens of iterations

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  • 研究助理教授李琪获得国家自然科学基金青年科学基金项目

  • 罗力炎、石征和王开元加入课题组


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Dr Lei Wu has joined the Southern University of Science and Technology (SusTech) in China from November 2019 and he is searching for 5 talented postdocs to work in the area of rarefied gas dynamics, with applications in high-altitude aerothermodynamics of space vehicles, microelectromechanical systems, shale gas transportation, and non-equilibiurm heat and mass transfer involving phase-changing. SusTech is located in Shenzhen, which is very close to Hong Kong and is one of the most developed city in China. The salary of a postdoc is about CNY 340,000 per year with a low tax rate.
Candidates with experience in CFD, discrete velocity method for gas kinetic equations, and DSMC are extremely welcome to submit their CVs. 
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