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 The technique of FRP-strengthened pipe

 Debonding and strength analysis of adhesively bonded joints

 The durability of adhesively bonded joints

 Biomechanics problem in tissue engineering

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[1] Teng Li, Zhihua Ning, Jiayu Wu. Interfacial debonding failure of CFRP-strengthened steel structures. Acta Materiae Compositae Sinica (online). (in Chinese)

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[8] Jiayu Wu, Hong Yuan, Xin Li. A novel method for comfort assessment in supine sleep position using three-dimensional scanning technology. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics. 2018, 67: 104-113.

[9] Xiongfei Yang, Hong Yuan, Jiayu Wu, Shanqing Li. Elastoplastic Analysis of Circular Tunnel Based on Drucker-Prager Criterion. Advances in Civil Engineering. 2018: 5149789.

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[13] Jiayu Wu, Hong Yuan, Jun Han. Analysis of adhesively bonded pipe joints under torsion by finite element method. Advanced Engineering and Technology, 2014: 383-387.


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