WEI Zuojun

Research Assistant Professor Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering

Dr. ZuoJun Wei, graduated from Northwestern Polytechnical University (China), is now a Research Associate in Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen. His is majored in Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology.

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His main research interests are aerothermodynamics of aero-engine and aerodynamics of turbomachinery. He focuses on the study of theoretical foundations and engineering techniques. His research fields include: endwall flow mechanism and control of turbmachinery, micro-turbine engine design, high-load turbine aerodynamic design, Turbine cooling design and analysis, aircraft/engine integration analysis, etc.

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[1] Wei, Z. J., Qiao, W. Y., Liu, J. Duan, W. H.,Reduction of Endwall Secondary Flow Losses with Leading-Edge Fillet in a Highly-Loaded Low Pressure Turbine [J]. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part A: Journal of Power and Energy. 2016, 230(2): 184-195.

[2] Wei, Z. J., Qiao, W. Y., Shi, P. J., Chen, P. P., Zhao, L., Tip-leakage flow loss reduction in a two-stage turbine using axisymmetric-casing contouring. Chinese Journal of Aeronautics. 2014, 27(5): 1111-1121.

[3] Wei, Z. J., Qiao, W. Y., Chen, P. P., Liu, J., Formation and Transport of Secondary Flows Caused by Vortex-Blade Interaction in a High Pressure Turbine [C]. ASME Paper. GT2015-42426.

[4] Wei Z, Duan W, Qiao W, Liu J, Han P. Analysis and control of tip-leakage vortex core stability of turbine rotor. Journal of Aerospace Power. 2018; 33: 2139-49.

[5] Wei Z, Qiao W, Duan W, Liu J. Influence of scrapping effect on formation of casing passage vortex in turbine rotor. Journal of Aerospace Power. 2018; 33: 1695-704.

[6] Wei, Z., Qiao, W., Shi, P., Zhao, L. Effect of contoured casing design on tip-leakage loss in a turbine[J]. Journal of Aerospace Power, 2015, 30(3): 714-725.

[7] Wei, Z., Qiao, W., Zhao, L., Shi, P. Numerical investigation of endwall losses control in turbine by leading edge fillet based on teardrop curves[J]. Journal of Aerospace Power, 2015, 30(2): 473-482.

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