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Dr Yuze Wang obtained her PhD degree in the University of Cambridge in 2019, and worked in Durham University, UK, as a postdoctoral research associate during 2019-2020 before she joined the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China, as an Assistant Professor. Her current research interests are seabed stabilization, marine bio-geotechnics, marine energy geotechnics, and marine geotechnics from micro to macro. She has been doing significant research on theory of reactive fluid transport behavior in porous medium, the use of Microbial-Induced Carbonate Precipitation or biopolymers for soil stabilization. In recent years, Dr Wang has published more than 10 high-quality journal/top conference papers journals such as Geotechnique,JGGE,Engineering Geology, Geotextiles and Geomembranes and conference preceedings such as ISCMGE and ICEG) . She regularly serves as reviewer for several top journals including JGGE and ES&T, etc.

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marine geotechnical engineering

seabed stabilization

marine bio-geotechnics

marine geo-energy

marine geotechnics from micro to macro

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Journal publications

1. Xu H, Qiu H, Zhu G, Zhan L, Zhan Z, Xu X, Chen Y, Wang Y*. Comparison of settlement behaviors of high-food-waste-content (HFWC) and low-food-waste-content (LFWC) MSWs and assessment of their prediction models. Science China Technological Sciences, 2019,62,1-22

2. Wang Y*, Soga K, DeJong J, Kabla A. Microscale visualization of Microbial-Induced Carbonate Precipitation (MICP) processes. Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, 2019, 145(9)

3. Wang Y*, Soga K, DeJong J, Kabla A. A microfluidic chip and its use in characterizing the particle-scale behaviour of Microbial-Induced Carbonate Precipitation (MICP). Géotechnique, 2019, 145(9)

4. Wang Y, Chen Y, Xie H, Zhang C, Zhan L. Lead adsorption and transport in loess-amended soil-bentonite cut-off wall. Engineering Geology, 2016 (215):69-80

5. Chen Y, Wang Y, Xie H. Breakthrough time-based design of landfill composite liners. Geotextiles and Geomembranes, 2015 (43):196-200

6. Guan C, Xie H, Wang Y, Chen Y, Jiang Y, Tang X. An analytical model for solute transport through a GCL-based two-layered liner considering biodegradation. Science of the Total Environment, 2014 (466-467): 221–231

Journal publications In Chinese

1. Zhang L, Gong B, Lan J, Wang Y, Chen Y. Field and numerical investigation on migration of leachate in loess soil. Journal of Zhejiang University (Engineering Science), 2016 (6): 1196-1202

2. Chen Y, Wang Y, Xie H, Jiang Y. Lead adsorption characteristics of loess modified natural silt: equilibrium and non-equilibrium test, Chinese Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, 201436(7): 1185-1194

3. Zheng C, Chen C, Su J, Xu N, Wang Y. Experimental study on SEBS (styrene-ethylene-butadiene-styrene) modified asphalt, Chinese Journal of Highway Engineering, 2011(36):34-37

Conference proceedings/abstracts

1. Wang Y*, Soga K, DeJong J, Kabla A. Microscale visualization of Microbial-Induced Carbonate Precipitation (MICP) processes by different treatment procedures. IS-Atlanta 2018 Geo-Mechanics from Micro to Macro - ICSMGE TC 105, 2018

2. Wang Y*,Soga K, DeJong J, Kabla A. Micro-scale experimental study of Microbial-Induced Carbonate Precipitation (MICP) by using microfluidic devices. AGU Fall Meeting,2017

3. Wang Y*, Soga K, Jiang N. Microbial induced carbonate precipitation (MICP): the case for microscale perspective. 19th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering(ICSMGE), 2017

4. Wang Y* and Soga K. Pore-scale study of microbial-induced calcium carbonate precipitation. 1st International Conference on Geo-Energy and Geo-environment, 2015

5. Wang Y*, Xie H, Chen Y, Jiang Y, Chen Y. Pb(II) Adsorption characteristics of loess modified soil-bentonite: equilibrium and non-equilibrium Test. 7th International congress on environmental Geotechnics, 2014

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