Junqi Wang

Department of Biology

Our research is mainly focused on dissecting the molecular mechanisms of the intracellular protein and membrane trafficking in the secretory and vacuolar pathways of plant cells, and its roles in the biological processes including plant growth and development, cell differentiation, and interaction between plant and environment.

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◆ Molecular mechanism of protein secretion

◆ Characterization of vacuolar trafficking pathway

◆ Molecular mechanism of seed storage protein transport

◆ Plant bioreactor

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1. Ruixi Li, Cecilia Rodriguez-Furlan, Junqi Wang, Wilhelmina van de ven, Ting Gao, Natasha V. Raikhel and Glenn R. Hicks. (2017) Different endomembrane trafficking pathways establish apical and basal polarities. Plant Cell 29: 90-108. doi/10.1105/tpc.16.00524.

2. Yong Cui, Jinbo Shen, Caiji Gao, Xiaohong Zhuang, Junqi Wang, Liwen Jiang (2016) Biogenesis of Plant Prevacuolar Multivesicular Bodies. Molecular Plant 9(6), 774-786.

3.Xin Ma,Zhen Chen,Dong Hua,Dongxu He,Linjun Wang,Peng Zhang,Junqi Wang, et. al. (2014) Essential role for TrpC5-containing extracellular vesicles in breast cancer with chemotherapeutic resistance.PNAS 111 (17), 6389-6394;  doi:10.1073/pnas.1400272111.

4.Junqi Wang*, Jinbo Shen, Yi Cai, David G. Robinson and LiwenJiang (2013) Successful transport to the vacuole of heterologously expressed mung bean 8S globulin occurs in seed but not in vegetative tissues. Journal of Experimental Botany64(6), 1587–1601.

5.Junqi Wang*, Yu Chung Tse, GiselbertHinz, David G. Robinson and Liwen Jiang (2012) Storage globulins pass through the Golgi apparatus and multivesicular bodies in the absence of dense vesicle formation during early stages of cotyledon development in mung bean. Journal of Experimental Botany63(3), 1367-1380.

6.Georgia Drakakaki, Wilhelmina van de Ven, Songqin Pan, Yansong Miao,Junqi Wang, Nana K Keinath, Brent Weatherly, Liwen Jiang, Karin Schumacher, Glenn Hicks and Natasha Raikhel (2012)Isolation and Proteomic Analysis of the SYP61 Compartment Reveals its Central Role in Exocytic Trafficking in Arabidopsis. Cell Research22: 413-424.

7.Juan Wang, Yu Ding, Junqi Wang*(co-first author), Stefan Hillmer*, Yansong Miao, Sze Wan Lo, Xiangfeng Wang, David G. Robinson and Liwen Jiang (2010) EXPO: an Exocyst-positive Organelle distinct from Multivesicular Endosomes and Autophagosomes, mediates Cytosol to Cell Wall Exocytosis in Arabidopsis and Tobacco Cells. Plant Cell22, 4009-4030.

8.Junqi Wang*, Yi Cai, Yansong Miao, Sheung Kwan Lam and Liwen Jiang (2009) Wortmannin induces homotypic fusion of plant prevacuolar compartments. Journal of Experimental Botany 60(11), 3075-3083.

9.Junqi Wang*, Pui Kit Suen,Zeng-Fu Xu and Liwen Jiang (2009) A 64 kDa sucrose binding protein is membrane-associated and tonoplast-localized in developing mung bean seeds. Journal of Experimental Botany 60(2), 629-639.

10.Junqi Wang*, Yubing Li, Sze Wan Lo, Stefan Hillmer, Samuel S.M. Sun, David G. Robinson and Liwen Jiang. (2007) Protein mobilization in germinating mung bean seeds involves vacuolar sorting receptors and multivesicular bodies. Plant Physiology 143, 1628-1639.

11.Junqi Wang*, Yansong Miao and Liwen Jiang. (2006) Golgi-bypassing: delivery of biopharmaceutical proteins to protein storage vacuoles in plant bioreactors. Trends in Biotechnology 24(4), 147-149.

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