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WANG Hao received his BS degree (modern applied physics) in 1997 from Tsinghua University ; MS degree (condensed matter physics) in 2000 from Tsinghua Universtiy; Ph.D. (physics) in 2006 from University of Minnesota, USA. During the years from 2007 to 2013.02, he worked as a postdoctoral/research assistant professor at California State University, Virginia Tech, and Hong Kong University. He was hired as an assistant professor at Physics department of Southern University of Science and Technology from 2013.02 to 2018.09. Since 2018 September, he has been working as an associated researcher at Shenzhen Quantum Institute for Science and Technology.

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Low-dimensional interacting many-body system, fractional quantum Hall effect, graphene-like flat band system, ferromagnetic dynamics.

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We have studied the charge density wave states of Dirac fermion system on partially filled higher Landau levels; the particle-hole symmetry breaking at 5/2 fractional quantum Hall effect (FQHE) system due to the Landau level mixing effect and the resulting phase transition towards non-Abelian states; the anisotropy effect on the Laughlin state of 1/3 FQHE system; the quantum phase transition of FQHE states in bilayer system. We also proposed a general wavefunction model for the flat-band system and suggest a ferromagnetic quantum crystal state. We did some initial micromagnetic simulation study on the spin dynamics of a magnetic antivortex.

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