Guanyu Wang

Associate Professor (Research Scientist) Department of Biology

Prof. Guanyu Wang is a committee member of the Specialized Committee "Molecular Systems Biology" of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society of China and a council member of the branch "Computational Systems Biology" of the Operations Research Society of China. He is an Overseas High-Level Talent of the Shenzhen City. Guanyu Wang are PhDs of both engineering (Zhejiang University, 1998) and Medical Sciences (University of Cologne, 2005). He worked at University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Rice University Bioengineering Department, and then Physics Department at George Washington University, serving as postdoctoral fellow and then as assistant research professor.

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Biomedical Engineering

Cell Biology

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Physical Biology

Systems Biology

Computational Biology

Nonlinear Dynamics

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Interdisciplinary research is the defining feature of Guanyu Wang’s group, which is targeting fundamental problems in biology and medicine. Professor Wang engages in a research system that centers on biological experiments, with scientific computation, mathematical analysis, and physical thinking as characteristic ingredients. He conceived a conceptual framework known as “Different Diseases, Common Ground Analysis,” which deepens our understanding of complex diseases and aging process and leads to valuable insights into ontological connections between diseases and their treatments. Good examples include global nonlinear analysis of complex diseases, logic-based characterization of large-scale biomolecular networks, and all-atom molecular dynamics simulation. Prof. Wang served as guest speaker in international conferences and research seminars for more than 30 times and also organized international conferences several times. He published important papers as the first or corresponding author in SCI journals such as iScience, Proc Nat Acad Sci USA,Phys Rev Letts,J Roy Soc Interface (2), IEEE Transactions (2),Trends Immunol, Sci Bull; in total he published more than 50 SCI journal papers. He published one monograph “Analysis of Complex Diseases: A Mathematical Perspective” (CRC Press, 2014).

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