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Chunying Wang, Ph.D. graduated from Fudan University, Associate Professor of the Ideological and Political Education and Research Center of SUSTech. More than 10 papers were published in CSSCI journals, and Presided two provincial and ministerial projects, Participated in two major projects of the National Social Science Fund.

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History of the communist party of China

Social-Economic History of the Republic of China

History of Socialist Construction in New China


Conspectus of Chinese Modern History

Research on Theory and Practice of Socialism with Chinese Charactristics

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(1) Wang Chunying,Wang Zhihan, “’National Market’ and the Transformation of the Grass-Roots Markets System in New China:Taking Jiangjing County as an Example”. Journal of Chinese Communist Party History Studies,2019,no 6.

(2) Wang Chunying, Zhang Yanmei.”Moving Towards Socialism: Grain Market and State Macro-Control in the Early Period of P. R.C”, Historical Review, 2017,no.5, pp.153-168.

 (this paper was reprinted by journal of Contemporary Chinese History,2018(2))

(3) Wang Chunying, “The Old Industry under the New Regime: the Grassroots Business Network of Poyang County from 1949 to 1952”. Collected Papers of History Studies,2015,no.1,pp.105-114.

(4) Wang Chunying,“The Fusion of “Nationalism” and “Principle of People’s Livelihood”: A Case of MeiYa Company during wartime”, Academics,2014, no.4, pp.183-196.

(5) Wang Chunying,“Obedience and cooperation: Business Guilds in the Controlled Economic System in Japanese Occupied Areas during China’s Resistance War against Japan”, Modern Chinese History Studies,2013,no.6,pp.125-139.

(6) Wang Chunying, “ Currency Integration in the Early People’s Republic(1949-1953)”, Academics, 2012,no.10,pp.195-208.

(7) Wang Chunying.“An Alternative Narrative of Chinese cooperative behavior    during wartime”,Collection of Modern Chinese Studies,2009,no.4.

(8) Wang Chunying, “Trial of “Economic Collaborators” after the Resistance Against Japanese Aggression War: Taking Li Ze of Shanghai New Company as an example”,Historical Research, 2008,no.2,pp.132-145.

(9) Wang Chunying. “Multi-Vision of Government-Merchant Dynamics:On the Formation of the Chamber of Commerce in Late Qing Dynasty”, Journal of Huazhong Normal University(Humanities and Social Sciences), 2005,no.5,pp.70-74.

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