Leilei Tian, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Department of Materials Science and Engineering


2003-2008 Jilin University (PhD, Polymer Chemistry and Physics)

1999-2003 Jilin University (Bachelor, Chemical Engineering and Technology)

Research experiences

2015-present: South University of Science and Technology of China Position: associate professor

2014-2015: The University of Chicago Position: Research Fellow

2011-2014: The University of Chicago Position: Post-doctoral Scholar

2009-2010: Clemson University (CU) Position: Post-doctoral Scholar

2008-2009: University of South Carolina (USC) Position: Post-doctoral Scholar

Honours and Awards

Shenzhen Peacock Award, Shenzhen Municipality China

Personal Profile


•Composite, hybrid intelligent materials based on bio-macromolecules: Our project focuses on the development of novel nucleic acid nano-biotechnology. Compared with synthetic polymers, nucleic acids exhibit many unique properties, including its biological function, biocompatibility, and molecular recognition capacity. We engage in developing DNA composite/hybrid materials, which will have interesting applications in biosensors and biomedicines.

•Chemical and bio-sensing applications of organic optoelectronic materials: To achieve ultrasensitive detection of small molecules or biomarkers, we develop new optoelectronic material systems by designing and adjusting their intermolecular forces.

•Developing new strategies of signal amplifications for the highly sensitive detection of cancer markers.


•Physical Chemistry, sophomore college students, SUSTC

•Materials Chemistry, junior college students, SUSTC

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  1. Jiantao Yu, Zixiang Wei, Qing Li, Feiyan Wan, Zhicong Chao, Xindan Zhang, Li Lin, Hong Meng*, Leilei Tian*, “Advanced Cancer Starvation Therapy by Simultaneous Deprivation of Lactate and Glucose Using a MOF Nanoplatform” Adv. Sci., 2021, In Press.
  2. Genetically Encoded and Biologically Produced All-DNA Nanomedicine Based on One-Pot Assembly of DNA Dendrimers for Targeted Gene Regulation. Lu, J. X.; Hu, P. C.; Cao, L. Y.; Wei, Z. X.; Xiao, F.; Chen, Z.; Li, Y.*; Tian, L. L.*; Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2021, 60, 5377-5385 (Hot Paper).
  3. Li Lin, Jiantao Yu, Hongwei Lu, Zixiang Wei, Zhicong Chao, Zhonglei Wang, Weitao Wu, Hengfeng Jiang, Leilei Tian*, “Mn–DNA coordination of nanoparticles for efficient chemodynamic therapy” Chem. Commun. 2021, 57, 1734-1737 (Front Cover).
  4. An NIR-II-Emissive Photosensitizer for Hypoxia-Tolerant Photodynamic Theranostics. Li, L. Q.#; Shao, C.#; Liu, T.#; Chao, Z. C.; Chen, H. L.; Xiao, F.; He, H. M.; Wei, Z. X.; Zhu, Y. L.; Wang, H.; Zhang, X. D.; Wen, Y. T.; Yang, B.; He, F.; Tian, L. L.*; Adv. Mater. 2020, 32, e2003471.
  5. Organic Spherical Nucleic Acids for the Transport of a NIR-II-Emitting Dye Across the Blood-Brain Barrier. Xiao, F.; Lin, L.; Chao, Z. C.; Shao, C.; Chen, Z.; Wei, Z. X.; Lu, J. X.; Huang, Y. S.; Li, L. Q.; Liu, Q.; Liang, Y. Y.; Tian, L. L.*; Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2020, 59, 9702-9710.
  6. Hydrophobic Interaction: A Promising Driving Force for the Biomedical Applications of Nucleic Acids. Xiao, F.#; Che, Z.#; Wei, Z. X.#; Tian, L. L.*; Adv. Sci. 2020, 7, 2001048.
  7. Robust and Tumor-Environment-Activated DNA Crosslinker Driving Nanoparticle Accumulation for Enhanced Therapeutics. Chao, Z. C.; Lu, H. W.; Xiao, F.; Shao, C.; Wei, Z. X.; Yu, J. T.; Zhang, X. D.; Lin, L.; Tian, L. L.*; CCS Chemistry 2020, 2, 349-361.
  8. Utilizing Polymer Micelle to Control Dye J-aggregation and Enhance Its Theranostic Capability. Shao, C.; Xiao F.; Guo, H.; Yu J. T.; Jin D.; Wu C. F.; Xi, L.*; Tian, L. L.*, iScience, 2019, 22, 229-239.

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  • Congratulations! The research group published paper in the journal Chemical Communications

  • Congratulations! The research group published paper in the journal Advanced Science

  • 祝贺2018级硕士生金东圆满毕业


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