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I am a Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). Before joining SUSTech in January 2018, I was with the School of Computer Science and Technology, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), first as an Associate Professor (2007-2011) and then as a Professor (2011-2017). My research interests include fundamental issues of Evolutionary Computation and Machine Learning, as well as applied AI techniques for industrial design, finance and smart logistics.


I am a recipient of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Outstanding Early Career Award and the Natural Science Award of Ministry of Education (MOE) of China, and was awarded the Newton Advanced Fellowship (Royal Society) and the Changjiang Professorship (MOE of China).

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My work is, in general, about fundamental research on Machine Learning and Optimization, two most important problems in Artificial Intelligence. I'm also frequently attracted by other relevant domains, such as Smart Logistics, Structural and Multi-Disciplinary Optimization and Computational Finance, for which applied research is required to produce application-oriented learning and optimization techniques.


More specifically, most of my research could also be viewed as arising from Evolutionary Computation, which is essentially a distributed heuristic search framework widely applicable for modelling, learning and optimization problems, especially for hard problems such as Black-Box Optimization, Multi-Objective Optimization and Dynamic Optimization.


Details regarding my research could be found at NICAL


I have supervised 18 PhD and 40+ masters students. I have lectured Artificial Intelligence, Computer Basic Algorithms, Introduction to Computer Science, Group Projects, Research Approach, Intelligent Data Analysis, Pattern Recognition for undergraduate and graduate students.

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 I have authored/co-authored more than 190 refereed publications on prestigious journals and conferences, including IEEE TEVC, IEEE TNNLS, IEEE TCYB, IEEE TRO and IEEE TGRS. According to Google Scholar, my publications have received 10000+ citations.

Please see NICAL for details.

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If you would like to join the lab to pursue a master's/doctoral degree, conduct post-doctoral research, or hold a research position, please send your resume +1 ~ 2 representative jobs to me via email. Typical work can be a paper, a brief description (1-2 pages) of a previous project/research, or a technical report.
More details please see NICAL. 
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