Sun Bianxia

Teaching Associate Professor Department of Finance

Dr. SUN Bianxia received her PhD degree from Guanghua School of Management at Peking University in Jan 2011. Before she joined SUSTech in Dec 2013, she had worked as a postdoc research fellow in Shanghai Futures Exchange. Her research field is mainly in market microstructure and financial econometrics. And the courses she lectures include Econometrics, Analysis of Financial Time Series, Macroeconomics, and Economics of Money & Banking.

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Market Microstructure,Financial Econometrics,Risk Contagion


Econometrics, Analysis of Financial Time Series, Macroeconomics, and Economics of Money & Banking

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  1. “President’s Tweets, US-China Economic Conflict and Stock Market Volatility: Evidence from China and G5 Countries”, with Yusaku Nishimura. North American Journal of Economics and Finance, 2021, accepted.
  2.  “Trump’s tweets: Sentiment, stock market volatility, and jumps”, with Yusaku Nishimura and Xuyi Dong. Journal of Financial Research, 2021, Vol 44, 497–512.
  3. “Hedging stock market risks: Can gold really beat bonds? ”, with Rufei Ma, Pengxiang Zhai and Yi Jin, Finance Research Letters, 2021, Vol 42, 101918.
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  6. “Impacts of Introducing Index Futures on Stock Market Volatilities: New Evidences from China”, with Yang Gao, Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies, 2018, Vol 21, 1850024.
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  14. “The Impact of Monetary Liquidity on Chinese Aluminum Prices”, with Zesheng Sun and Sharon X. Lin, Resources Policy, 2013, Vol 38, 512-522.

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