Chair Professor ,Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences Department of Biology


B. S., Department of Precision Instrument, Tsinghua University.


M.S., Department of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University.


Ph.D., Biophysics Institute, Technical University Munich.


Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, Tsinghua University.


Professor, School of Life Sciences (replacing the Department of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology in September of 2009), Tsinghua University.

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Using cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) in combination with biochemical, biophysical and cellular methods, our lab currently focuses on: (1) structures, functions and mechanisms of large protein complexes, macromolecular machines and membrane proteins, and (2) molecular mechanisms of membrane trafficking, lipid-protein interactions and membrane-related human diseases.

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1. Ma JF*, You X*, Sun S*, Wang XX, Qin S, Sui SF#.(2020)Structural basis of energy transfer in Porphyridium purpureum phycobilisome. Nature, 579:146-151.

2. Pi X*, Zhao S*, Wang W*, Liu D, Xu C, Han G, Kuang T, Sui SF#, Shen JR#. (2019) The pigment-protein network of a diatom photosystem II-light-harvesting antenna supercomplex. Science, 365, eaax4406.

3. Huang X*, Sun S*, Wang X*, Fan F*, Zhou Q, Lu S, Cao Y, Wang QW, Dong MQ, Yao J, Sui SF#. (2019) Mechanistic insights into the SNARE complex disassembly. Sci Adv., 5:eaau8164.

4. Qin X*, Pi X*, Wang W, Han G, Zhu L, Liu M, Cheng L, Shen JR, Kuang T#, Sui SF#. (2019) Structure of a green algal photosystem I in complex with a large number of light-harvesting complex I subunits. Nat Plants, 5:263-272.

5. Pi X*, Tian L*, Dai HE, Qin X, Cheng L, Kuang T, Sui SF#, Shen JR#. (2018) Unique organization of photosystem I-light-harvesting supercomplex revealed by cryo-EM from a red alga. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 115:4423-4428.

6. Yang X*, Yang F*, Wang W*, Lin G*, Hu Z*, Han Z, Qi Y, Zhang L, Wang J, Sui SF#, Chai J#. (2018) Structural basis for specific flagellin recognition by the NLR protein NAIP5. Cell Research, 28:35-47.

7. Zhang J*, Ma J*, Liu D, Qin S, Sun S#, Zhao J, Sui SF#. (2017) Structure of phycobilisome from the red alga Griffithsia pacifica. Nature, 551:57-63.

8. Sun S*, Li L*, Yang F*, Wang X*, Fan F*, Yang M, Chen C, Li X, Wang HW, Sui SF#. (2017) Cryo-EM structures of the ATP-bound Vps4E233Q hexamer and its complex with Vta1 at near-atomic resolution. Nat Commun., 8:16064.

9. Zhang L*, Wang X*, Fan F, Wang HW, Wang J#, Li X#, Sui SF#. (2017) Cryo-EM structure of Nma111p, a unique HtrA protease composed of two protease domains and four PDZ domains. Cell Research, 27:582-585.

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13. Zhou Q*, Huang X*, Sun S*, Li X, Wang HW#, Sui SF#. (2015) Cryo-EM structure of SNAP-SNARE assembly in 20S particle. Cell Research, 25:551-560.

14. Chang LF*, Chen S*, Liu CC*, Pan X, Jiang J, Bai XC, Xie X, Wang HW, Sui SF#. (2012) Structural characterization of full-length NSF and 20S particles. Nat Struct Mol Biol., 19:268-275.

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Welcome to the Department of Biology! Since its establishment in 2012, the Department of Biology has attracted internationally renowned professors to join as leaders and dozens of young scientists to start their independent academic career here pursuit of excellence in research and teaching. The research interests of our faculty members include diverse topics such as systems biology, plant biology, neurobiology, structural biology and molecular cell biology. The primary goals of our faculty are to address the most significant fundamental biological questions and to develop new strategies to treat various complex diseases. Such efforts will benefit from the shared inter-disciplinary collaborative spirit deeply rooted in the minds of all the faculty members working in different departments at SUSTech.

Mentoring the next generation biologists with the highest standards is another primary task of the Department of Biology. Our professors choose internationally acclaimed textbooks to teach core courses biological sciences, biotechnology and bioinformatics. Undergraduates are encouraged to join the laboratory early to get firsthand working experience in basic and/or applied biological research, which helps them to consolidate the mastering of basic techniques, to broaden their knowledge horizons and to acquire the capabilities of problem identifying, hypothesis formulating and problem solving.

Life science, one of the fastest developing natural scientific disciplines, has been the driving force behind the growth of the world economy and provides the know for the development of new technologies serving to improve the human health and welfare at large. Wit generous financial support from the Shenzhen municipal government, we are confident that the Department of Biology in SUSTech will surely grow into a top tier globally-renowned research and teaching center!

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