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Prof. SHAO Liyang received his Ph.D. in Optical Engineering in Zhejiang University in 2008. He worked in many world leading universities and research institutions, like Carleton University, The University of Sydney, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Nanyang Technological University. Prof. Shao’s main research areas are distributed optic fiber, fiber grating, fiber laser, photonic crystal fiber devices, micro-Nano fiber devices and sensing, microwave photon sensing measurement, etc. He has published more than 170 papers in international journals and conference proceedings, more than 118 papers are SCI Included, 1 invited review for Laser & Photonics Review, more than 20 invited talks on international conferences, total other citation over4100 times (other citation over 2500 times according to SCI database) and more than 10 China patents. His research “Microfiber Vector Tiltmeter” has been reproduced by Nature Photonic as Research Spotlight. He was selected as the Star of Yanghua(Talent Program) in Southwest Jiaotong University in 2014. He won “ZHAN Tianyou Railway Scientific Awards for Young Scholars” in 2016. Currently, Prof.Shao is the principal investigator for Ministry of Science and Technology International Cooperation Program, Recruitment Program for Young Professionals grant, General Program of National Natural Science Fund Foundation, Major Program of Guangdong Science and Technology Department, Shenzhen Municipal Government Scientific and Research Start-up Fund, etc.

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Novel Micro-Structure Fiber and Its Application;

Distributed Brillouin Time Domain Sensing Technology;

Phase Sensitive Optical Time Domain Reflection Techniques;

Microwave Photon Sensing Measurement;

Laser Radar Security Application;

Applied research of optical information and sensing technology on rail transit, perimeter precaution, earthquake monitoring, bridge safety monitoring, etc.


Advanced Topics in Electronic Science and Technology

Laser Principle

Optical Fiber Communication Principle and Technology

Spectroscopy Technology and Application

Innovation experiments in electronic science

Integrated design

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