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Dr. Niu shuzhang has been working as an assistant professor of research at the Academy for Adcanced Interdisciplinary Sciences since November 2018.He received his doctoral degree in materials science and engineering from tsinghua university in July 2016, and entered the Tsinua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute for postdoctoral research in September 2016.His research interests are mainly in the structural design and preparation of nanomaterials, especially carbon-based materials, and their applications in energy storage devices, such as lithium sulfur batteries, lithium ion, sodium ion batteries and other energy storage devices.

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Carbon nanomaterials, energy storage devices, lithium sulfur batteries, lithium ion batteries

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Dr. Niu has extensive experience in functional design of carbon materials and in lithium sulfur batteries and other energy storage devices,A, Small, Carbon (2 papers), Chem. Commun. (2 papers), j. Power Sources, j. Phys. Chem. C, Chem. — Asian J.Authorized and applied for 8 invention patents. After relevant work is published, obtained the domestic and foreign colleague’s attention and the recognition.

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