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Dr. Niu Fengfeng currently works at Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary, SUSTech, as a Research Assistant Professor, from 2019. In 2015, he received his Ph.D at Institute of Biophysics, CAS and then started his post-doctoral research at Department of Biology, SUSTech, from 2016. He focuses on structural and bio-functional study on the key proteins/protein complexes in human/pathogen by employing biochemical assay, X-ray, CryoEM methods and cellular assay. Recently, he mainly works on the mechanism investigation on intracellular cargo transport mediated by molecular motors.

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1. Structural study on the key proteins/protein complexes by employing X-ray crystallography and CryoEM methods.

2. Mechnism investigation on intracellular cargo transport mediated by molecular motors.

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  1. Niu, F.*, Sun, K.*, Wei, W., Yu, C., Wei, Z. F-actin disassembly factor MICAL1 binding to Myosin Va mediates cargo unloading during cytokinesis. Sci Adv. 2020 Nov 6;6(45):eabb1307. doi: 10.1126/sciadv.abb1307. PMID: 33158857; PMCID: PMC7673715.
  2. Niu, F.*, Shaw, N*., Wang, Y. E.*, Jiao, L.*, Ding, W., Li, X., … & Liu, Z. J. (2013). Structure of the Leanyer orthobunyavirus nucleoprotein–RNA complex reveals unique architecture for RNA encapsidation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 110(22), 9054-9059.

  3. Jiao, L.*, Ouyang, S.*, Liang, M.*, Niu, F.*, Shaw, N., Wu, W., … & Liu, Z. J. (2013). Structure of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus nucleocapsid protein in complex with suramin reveals therapeutic potential. Journal of virology, 87(12), 6829-6839.
  4. Niu, F., Ru, H., Ding, W., Ouyang, S., & Liu, Z. J. (2013). Structural biology study of human TNF receptor associated factor 4 TRAF domain. Protein & cell, 4(9), 687-694.
  5. Liang, M.*, Jin, G.*, Xie, X.*, Zhang, W., Li, K., Niu, F., Yu, C., Wei, Z. Oligomerized liprin-α promotes phase separation of ELKS for compartmentalization of presynaptic active zone proteins. Cell Rep. 2021 Mar 23;34(12):108901. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2021.108901. PMID: 33761347.
  6. Li, J. *, Rodriguez, J. P. *, Niu, F., Pu, M., Wang, J., Hung, L. W., … & Ouyang, S. (2016). Structural basis for DNA recognition by STAT6. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113(46), 13015-13020
  7. Burakova, L. P., Natashin, P. V., Malikova, N. P., Niu, F., Pu, M., Vysotski, E. S., & Liu, Z. J. (2016). All Ca 2+-binding loops of light-sensitive ctenophore photoprotein berovin bind magnesium ions: The spatial structure of Mg2+-loaded apo-berovin. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology, 154, 57-66.

  8. Jiao, L.*, Ouyang, S.*, Shaw, N., Song, G., Feng, Y., Niu, F., … & Liu, Z. J. (2014). Mechanism of the Rpn13-induced activation of Uch37. Protein & Cell, 1-15.

  9. Gu, J., Feng, Y., Feng, X., Sun, C., Lei, L., Ding, W., Niu, F., … & Han, W. (2014). Structural and Biochemical Characterization Reveals LysGH15 as an Unprecedented “EF-Hand-Like” Calcium-Binding Phage Lysin. PLoS pathogens, 10(5), e1004109.  
  10. Ouyang, S.*, Song, X.*, Wang, Y.*, Ru, H.*, Shaw, N., Jiang, Y., Niu, F., … & Liu, Z. J. (2012). Structural analysis of the STING adaptor protein reveals a hydrophobic dimer interface and mode of cyclic di-GMP binding. Immunity, 36(6), 1073-1086.                                                 

        (*co-first author)

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