Max Q.-H. Meng

Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering,Chair Professor Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Professor ‪Max Q.-H. Meng is elected to Fellow of the IEEE, Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Engineering, Outstanding Talents in Guangdong Province, and Outstanding Talents in Shenzhen. Professor Max Q.-H. Meng is an international well-known scholar engaged in the research of medical robots, robot perception and intelligence. Many research projects of Prof. Meng are leading the world. He leads more than 60 scientific research projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National 863 Program, the National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the Hong Kong Research Grants Committee, and the Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission. He has published 168 journal papers, 491 conference papers, and 10 co-authored monographs. The papers have been cited over 10,000 times and the H-index is 54. 148 conference reports are invited.

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* Robotics

* Robot perception and intelligence

* Intelligent control and HRI system

* Sensor and sensor network technology

* Medical surgery nursing robot

* Micro robot

* Micro-medical equipment

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* Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, 2017.

* National Distinguished Expert of Overseas High-level Talents Program, 2016.

* Shenzhen Outstanding Talents, 2019.

* Distinguished Professor of State Key Laboratory of Robotics and Systems & Member of the Academic Committee of HIT, 2013.

* “QiuShi” Distinguished Chair Professor of Zhejiang University, 2018.

* Honorary Dean of School of Control Science and Engineering of Shandong University , 2010.

* Shenzhen Overseas High-level Talents “Peacock Plan” Class A Talents, 2017.

* First Prize of Shandong Province Science and Technology Progress Award, 2011.

* Fellow of the International Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers, 2008.

* Millennium Medal of the International Society of Electronics and Electrical Engineers, 2000.

* Best Paper Award in IEEE ROBIO 2018 International Conference, 2018.

* Best Student Paper Award in IEEE RCAR 2016 International Conference, 2016.

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