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MENG Fanling, Research Assistant Professor in School of Environmental Science and Engineering in Southern University of Science and Technology. She got her B.S. from Tsinghua University (Beijing) in 2009, and her Ph.D., from Dartmouth College (Hanvoer, US) in 2014. Prior to her current appointment, she was research associate in City University of Hong Kong. Her research interests during Ph.D. and research associate include design of high-entropy alloys, microstructure characterization and deformation mechanisms of metal compounds. The implementation of in-situ mechanical tests in electron microscope profoundly interpret the deformation mechanisms and size-effect in materials. Her current research is mainly focused on heavy metal stabilization in solid waste through thermal methods and the mechanisms of immobilization through state-of-the-art techniques, e.g. in-situ heating tests in Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). She has published more than 10 peer-reviewed papers. Most of her research results have been presented in international conferences.

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1. The immobilization of heavy metals and the recycle and waste-to-resource stategy

2. The co-stabilization of heavy metals by forming crystalline phases

3. The quantitative X-ray refinement method to quantify the stabilization

efficiencies and partition ratios of heavy metals in the ceramic products

4. The in-situ TEM characterization to reveal real-time phase transformation of heavy metals at atomic level

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High-entropy alloy design for better strength and ductility. Investigate the deformation mechamisms through in-situ TEM straining tests, and interpret the grain-size effect in alloys. Currently, by utilizing the in-situ techniques into heavy metal stabilization project, we hope to explain the heavy metal partition process and find immobilization mechanisms.

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