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MA Xiaoguang is an Assistant Professor at The Center for Complex Flows and Soft Matter Research and Department of Physics. He obtained his bachelor's and master's degree from Sun Yat-Sen University. After receiving his Ph.D. in physics from the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, he was appointed LRSM-Solvay Fellow at University of Pennsylvania, focusing on soft matters and complex fluids. He was also an investigator at Solvay's Complex Assemblies of Soft Matter Center and NASA's Advanced Colloids Experiment at the International Space Station. He already published 15 papers in peer-reviewed journals, including Science, PNAS, and Phys. Rev. Lett. He serves as a referee for Phys. Rev. Lett.,Phys. Rev. E,J. Chem. Phys., and Soft Matter.

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Soft condensed matter physics, soft material mechanics,non-Newtonian fluid mechanics


Statistical Mechanics II, General Physics B

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*corresponding author

1. X.-G. Ma, W. Chen, Z. Wang, Y. Peng, Y. Han, and P. Tong. “Test of the universal scaling law of diffusion in colloidal monolayers,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 078302 (2013).

2. X.-G. Ma, P.-Y. Lai, and P. Tong. “Colloidal diffusion over a periodic energy landscape,” Soft Matter 9, 8826 (2013) (featured on the cover page).

3. X.-G. Ma, P.-Y. Lai, B. J. Ackerson, and P. Tong. “Colloidal transport and diffusion over a tilted periodic potential: dynamics of individual particles,” Soft Matter 11, 1182 (2015).

4. X.-G. Ma*, P.-Y. Lai, B. J. Ackerson, and P. Tong. “Colloidal dynamics over a tilted periodic energy landscape: Nonequilibrium steady-state distributions,” Phys. Rev. E 91, 042306 (2015) (Editors’ Suggestion).

5. M. D. Gratale, X. G. Ma#, Z. S. Davidson, T. Still, P. Habdas, and A. G. Yodh. “Vibrational properties of quasi-two-dimensional colloidal glasses with varying interparticle attraction,” Phys. Rev. E 94, 042606 (2016) (#co-first author)

6. Z. Brown, M. J. Iwanicki, M. D. Gratale, X. G. Ma, A. G. Yodh, and P. Habdas. “Correlated rearrangements of disordered colloidal suspensions in the vicinity of the reentrant glass transition,” Europhys. Lett. 115, 68003 (2016)

7. Y. Su, X.-G. Ma, B. J. Ackerson, P.-Y. Lai, and Penger Tong, “Colloidal diffusion over a quenched two-dimensional random potential,” Soft Matter 13 4773 (2017).

8. X.-G. Ma*, Y. Su, P.-Y. Lai, and P. Tong. “Colloidal dynamics over a tilted periodic potential: Forward and reverse transition probabilities and entropy production in a non-equilibrium steady state,” Phys. Rev. E 96, 012601 (2017)(Editors’ Suggestion) .

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10. X.-G Ma, L. Chen, H.-Y. Wang, J.-X. Zhang, and X.-M. Xiong. “Ultra-High Sensitivity Viscometer Based on a Torsion Pendulum,” Chin. Phys. Lett. 35, 060601 (2018).

11. X. G. Ma*, Z. S. Davidson, T. Still, R. Ivancic, S. S. Schoenholz, D. M. Sussman, A. J. Liu and A. G. Yodh, “Heterogeneous activation, local structure and softness in supercooled colloidal liquids,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 028001 (2019) (Editors’ Suggestion) .

12. X. G. Ma*, J. Liu, Y. Zhang, P. Habdas, and A. G. Yodh, “Excess entropy and long-time diffusion in colloidal fluids with short-range interparticle attraction,” J. Chem. Phys. 150, 144907 (2019) (JCP Editors’ Choice).

13. C. K. Mishra, X. G. Ma, P. Habdas, K. B. Aptowicz, and A. G. Yodh, “Correlations between short- and long-time relaxation in colloidal supercooled liquids and glasses,” Phys. Rev. ERapid Communication 100, 020603 (2019).

14. A. Seiphoori, X.-G. Ma, P. E. Arratia, and D. J. Jerolmack, “Formation of stable aggregates by fluid-assembled solid bridges,” Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 117, 3375 (2020).

15. K. L. Galloway, X.-G. Ma*, N. C. Keim, D. J. Jerolmack, A. G. Yodh, and P. E. Arratia, “Scaling of relaxation and excess entropy in plastically deformed amorphous solids,” Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 117, 11887 (2020).

16. X. G. Ma*, C. K. Mishra, P. Habdas, and A. G. Yodh, “Structural and short-time vibrational properties of colloidal glasses and supercooled liquids in the vicinity of the re-entrant glass transition,” J. Chem. Phys. 155, 074902 (2021) .

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