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Dr. Lu Tao joined the Business School of the Southern University of Science and Technology in 2020 as an assistant professor and PhD advisor. His main research areas in the Information Systems are social networks, online word-of-mouth (analytic modeling and experimental design). He is also interested in asset pricing ambiguity and neural network structure design in financial market. Dr. Lu has extensive experience in security asset management, and his research findings in FinTech have been applied in algorithms trading in quantitative hedge funds.

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Social Networks, Online Word-of-Mouth, Asset Pricing Ambiguity, Neural Network Structure Design

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1. Tao Lu*, Alex Wang, May Yuan, Michael Zhang. Skewness Preference Bias in Consumer Choices. (Invited for third round review, Management Science)

2. Zicao Fu, Tao Lu*, Michael Zhang, Lihong Zhang. Market Uncertainties and Prediction of Rare Events: With an Application to Financial Market Crashes. (Under 1st round review, Management Science)

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