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In June 2019, joined Faculty of Economics & Business Administration (FEBA), South University of Science and Technology. Research interests: Consumer Behavior and Behavioral Decision Making.


Work experience:

March 2015 - May 2019, Department of marketing and e-commerce, School of Business, Nanjing University.


Education background:

University of KU Leuven, Belgium,PhD in marketing (supervisor: Luk Warlop & Sabrina Bruyneel)

Department of psychology, Peking University, Master of applied psychology (supervisor: Xie Xiaofei)

Psychology, University of Helsinki, Finland, Exchange student, (supervisor: Heikki Summala)

Guanghua school of management, Peking University, Human resource management, Bachelor's degree


Honors and awards:

Shenzhen high-level professional talents


Consumer behavior;

Behavioral decision making;

Evolutionary psychology;

Attachment theory.

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Li, L., Liu, Y., & Li, Y. J.* (2019). Frozen by stress: Stress increases scope insensitivity. PloS one, 14(10), e0223489.

Li, Y. J., Lu, S., Lan, J., & Jiang, F.* (2019). Feel Safe to Take More Risks? Insecure Attachment Style Increases Consumer Risk-Taking Behavior. Frontiers in psychology, 10, 874.

Li, Y. & Gong, H.* (2018) Being a Parent Together: Parental Role Salience Promotes an Interdependent Self-construal. Frontiers in Psychology, 9.

Li, Y. & Liu, Y.* (2018). Are parents patient? The influence of parenting role salience and parental status on impatience. Frontiers in Psychology , 9, 1523.

Li, Y. & Xie, X.* (2009) The Analysis on the Driving Behaviour of Full-score Drivers in China. Advances in Transportation Studies. Vol. XIX., p.5 (EI).

Working papers:

Li, Y., Bruyneel, S., & Warlop, L.* (2nd R&R at Journal of Business Research). All you need is love: Priming attachment security decreases the need for material possessions.

Li, Y., Bruyneel, S. & Warlop, L.* (2nd R&R at Journal of Business Research). Exposure to Baby Cues Induces Out-of-domain Impatience.

Gong, H. & Li, Y.*. Shield by Religion: the impacts of religious priming on moral hypocrisy.

Li, Y.*, Shiv, B., Warlop, L. & Bruyneel, S. My heart is itchy: The impact of itch on out-of-domain reward seeking behaviors

Liu, Y. & Li, Y.* Stuck in the past: Stress increases sunk cost bias

Li, Y.*, Bruyneel, S. & Warlop, L. Growing with love: Priming attachment security enhances exploratory consumer behaviors.

Li, Y., Janiszewski, C. & Liu, Y.* Promotional bundling

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Name of College: School of Business


Masters and Doctorate Degree Programs

Business Intelligence and Big Data Management(affiliated to the Math Department’s Masters and Doctorate Programs)



The school currently has 11 faculty members in the department of Information Systems and Management Engineering (ISME) (Finance department has its own introduction)

1 Distinguished Professor honored by the Ministry of Education of China

1 National Distinguished Expert

3 Shenzhen Peacock Talents

1 National High-level Talents

10 Overseas Returned Professors

More than 30% of faculty are international faculty members with overseas citizenship.

100% have overseas PhD or overseas full-time working experience

9 Graduated from Top 50 Universities of the world (based on QS/Times ranking)




Founded in October 2018, the School of Business of the Southern University of Science and Technology is an elite business school with a strategic vision and a strong emphasis on innovation, open-mindedness, international impact, and interdisciplinary research. The School of Business offers master’s & doctoral programs “Business Intelligence and Big Data Management” as well as non-degree programs at the executive level.

All of the faculty members of the School of Business have international backgrounds with frontier business research. 9 out of 11 faculty members graduated from the top 50 universities of the world based on QS/Times ranking. In the past two years, faculty members have published more than 20 journal articles in top-tier business journals, including UTD journals, such as Management Science, Production and Operations Management, Operations Research, Journal of Management Information System, and JAIS.

The School of Business aims to cultivate interdisciplinary talents with technical and analytical skills to meet the demand of the digital economy and Internet industry in the Great Bay Area, especially in Shenzhen. The School of Business works closely with leading companies to provide plenty of opportunities for students to enhance practical skills. Besides, the School of Business collaborates with top international business schools such as HEC-Paris to envision students with global perspectives and study experience.


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