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Li Xiang, graduated from the University of West Virginia in 2015 with a PhD in environmental engineering. After graduating from the PhD, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the US Environmental Protection Agency and the University of Notre Dame. His research work mainly includes monitoring and detecting pathogenic microorganisms in natural environment water, tracing the sources of fecal contamination of animals and humans, and developing novel microbial tracer genetic markers. As a main participant, he has completed more than ten research projects such as China's National 863, 973 and the US National Water Environment Restoration Project. The first author has published and contributed several articles in high-level journals in the field of environment and environmental microorganisms such as Water Research, Environmental Science & Technology, and Applied and Environmental Microbiology, and has achieved a series of innovative research results.

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1) Application of microbial tracing technology in environmental water, river water and domestic and recreational wastewater;

2) Development of qPCR gene markers for microbial tracing;

3) Use metagenomics to study the environmental microbial flora and its functions.

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He has published 12 papers in Environmental Science and Technology, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, ACS Omega and other journals, of which 7 are the first authors. Another 4 first author articles include 2 Water Research and 1 ISME J during the submission and editing stages.

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