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Dr. Liu studied clinical medicine at Nan Chang University and then was trained in biochemistry and molecular biology at Peking University Health Science Center. He joined in Hongwei Wang’s group as a postdoc at Tsinghua University. Dr. Liu published several research papers in top journals including Cell, Nature Chemical Biology, etc.

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We use the Cryo-EM, biochemistry, molecular biology and cell biology to study the mechanism of macromolecular complexes. Our research interests include: 1) Studies on the mechanism underlying ribonucleic protein complexes. 2) Studies on the mechanism underlying G protein coupled receptors.

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1.Yuan, D.#, Liu, Z.#, Kaindl, J.#, Maeda, S., Zhao, J., Sun X., Xu, J., Gmeiner, P., Wang HW., Kobilka, BK. (2020). Activation of the 2B adrenergic receptor by the sedative sympatholytic dexmedetomidine. Nature Chemical Biology.(# co-first authors)

2.Liu, Z.#, Wang, J.#, Cheng, H.#, Ke, X.#, Sun, L., Zhang, Q.C., and Wang, H.W. (2018). Cryo-EM Structure of Human Dicer and Its Complexes with a Pre-miRNA Substrate. Cell 173, 1191-1203 e1112(# co-first authors).

3.Guan, Z., Cai, T., Liu, Z., Dou, Y., Hu, X., Zhang, P., Sun, X., Li, H., Kuang, Y., Zhai, Q., et al. (2017). Origin of the Reflectin Gene and Hierarchical Assembly of Its Protein. Curr Biol 27, 2833-2842 e2836.

4.Qin, S., Yin, H., Yang, C., Dou, Y., Liu, Z., Zhang, P., Yu, H., Huang, Y., Feng, J., Hao, J., et al. (2016). A magnetic protein biocompass. Nat Mater 15, 217-226.

5.Liu, Z., Wang, J., Li, G., and Wang, H.W. (2015). Structure of precursor microRNA’s terminal loop regulates human Dicer’s dicing activity by switching DExH/D domain. Protein Cell 6, 185-193.

6.Li, C., Wang, S., Jiang, W., Li, H., Liu, Z., Zhang, C., McNutt, M.A., and Li, G. (2012). Impact of intracellular alpha fetoprotein on retinoic acid receptors-mediated expression of GADD153 in human hepatoma cell lines. Int J Cancer 130, 754-764.

7.Wang, S., Jiang, W., Chen, X., Zhang, C., Li, H., Hou, W., Liu, Z., McNutt, M.A., Lu, F., and Li, G. (2012). Alpha-fetoprotein acts as a novel signal molecule and mediates transcription of Fn14 in human hepatocellular carcinoma. J Hepatol 57, 322-329.

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