Zhongmin Liu

Assistant Professor Department of Biology

Dr. Liu studied clinical medicine at Nan Chang University and then was trained in biochemistry and molecular biology at Peking University Health Science Center. He joined in Hongwei Wang’s group as a postdoc at Tsinghua University. Dr. Liu published several research papers in top journals including Cell, Nature Chemical Biology, etc.

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Our group will apply cryo-EM, biochemistry, phase separation, and functional studies to investigate biomacromolecule's working mechanism. Our laboratory has two main research directions.

(1) Studies on the mechanism of ribonucleoprotein complexes. Numerous ribonucleoproteins, including nuclease, ligase, helicase, and reverse transcriptase, play an essential for RNA transcription, modification, maturation, and translation. These enzymes recruit and process various RNA substrates with their specific mechanism.

(2) Studies on membrane transporters' mechanisms. The uptake and efflux by cells and organelles of variant compounds such as cytokines, amino acids, nucleotides, inorganic ions, and drugs are recognized and translocated by membrane transporters with their specific transporting ways.

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1, Mu, J.#, Xue, C.#, Wu, M., Chen, X., Liu, K, Huang Y, Bu, R., Yang, B, Han, J., Jiang, Q., Chan, C, Zhou, R., Huang, A., Wang, Y.*, Liu,Z.* (2022). Structural basis of human ATP13A2 (PARK9) transporting polyamines.(submitted).

2, Lin, H.#, Xiao, P.#, Bu R.#, Guo, S.#, Yuan, D.#, Zhu, Z., Yang, Z., Zhang, C., He Q., Zhang, C., Ping, Y., Zhao, R., Ma, C., Liu, C., Zhang, X., Jiang, D., Huang, S., Xi,Y., Zhang, D., Xue, C., Yang, B., Li J., Lin, H., Zeng, X., Zhao, H., Xu W., Yi, F*, Liu, Z*., Sun, J*, Yu, X*. Structure of apo-ADGRG2-Gs complex facilitates ligand screening, Nature Chemical Biology, (2022) (accepted)

3, Yuan, D.#, Liu, Z.#, Kaindl, J.#, Maeda, S. Zhao, J., Sun, X., Xu, J., Gmeiner, P.*, Wang, H. W.*, Kobilka, B. K*. (2020) Activation of the alpha2B adrenoceptor by the sedative sympatholytic dexmedetomidine. Nature Chemical Biology,16, 507–512.

4, Liu, Z.#, Wang, J.#, Cheng, H.#, Ke, X.#, Sun, L., Zhang, Q.C., and Wang, H.W. (2018) Cryo-EM Structure of Human Dicer and Its Complexes with a Pre-miRNA Substrate. Cell, 173, 1191-1203 e1112. (recommended in F1000Prime as being of special significance in its  field by F1000 Faculty Member Pascale Legault )

5, Guan, Z., Cai, T., Liu, Z., Dou, Y., Hu, X., Zhang, P., Sun, X., Li, H., Kuang, Y., Zhai, Q., et al. (2017) Origin of the Reflectin Gene and Hierarchical Assembly of Its Protein. Current Biology, 27, 2833-2842 e2836.

6, Qin, S., Yin, H., Yang, C., Dou, Y., Liu, Z., Zhang, P., Yu, H., Huang, Y., Feng, J., Hao, J., et al. (2016) A magnetic protein biocompass. Nature Materials,15, 217-226.

7, Liu Z#, Wang J, Li G*, Wang HW*.(2015) Structure of precursor microRNA’s terminal loop regulates human Dicer’s dicing activity by switching DExH/D domain.  Protein Cell,6:185-93.

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