LIU Zhaojun

Associate Professor Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Dr. George Zhaojun Liu’s research interests include Micro-LEDs, advanced display and AR/VR, GaN Transistors & LEDs, Mass Transferring & Advanced Packaging, Wearable Devices. He is one of the earliest researchers over the world work on Micro-LEDs. He fabricated the first Si CMOS programmed active matrix Micro-LED displays in 2007, the highest PPI Micro-LED displays (till 2016), and the first full-color Micro-LED pico-project in 2012. Dr. Liu has published 60+ journal and conference papers and hold 60+ US & China patents, and delivered 30+ invited talks. Dr. Liu and his team won the second place in the 2011 HKUST One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition. He is a founding member of 2 companies. He is a core member of the 5th Guangdong Pearl River Innovation Team. He is IEEE and SID member, and SID Beijing Chapter Committee member. His research topics include Micro-LEDs, AR/VR, wearable devices, high-density & fine-pitch packaging & mass transferring, low-dimensional material & devices, and flat-panel displays.

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Advanced Displays and AR/VR

Mass Transferring and advanced packaging

Third generation semiconductor electronic devices and

light emittingdevices

Wearable Devices

GaN Transistors and LEDs



1.Basic Introduction to the 3rd Generation Semiconductor Material and Devices

2.Modern semiconductor device physics

3.Micro-displays and AR/VR Technology

4.Ideological and Political Course of Modern features《Modern Technology and Homeland Feelings》

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[1]Zhaojun Liu*,Chun-Ho Lin,Byung-Ryool Hyun,Chin-Wei Sher,Zhijian Lv,Bingqing Luo,Fulong Jiang,Tom Wu,Chih-Hsiang Ho*,Hao-Chung Kuo* and Jr-Hau He*. Micro-light-emitting diodes with quantum dots in display technology. Light: science & applications, (2020.05) 9:83 P1-P23;DOI: 10.1038/s41377-020-0268-1

[2]Bo Lu,Yan Wang,Byung-Ryool Hyun,Hao-Chung Kuo,Zhaojun Liu*. Color Difference and Thermal Stability of Flexible Transparent InGaN/GaN Multiple Quantum Wells Mini-LED Arrays. IEEE Electron Device Letters,(2020.07) 41(7) P1040 – P1043; DOI: 10.1109/LED.2020.2994143

[3]Ke Zhang,Yibo Liu,Hoi-sing Kwok,Zhaojun Liu*. Investigation of Electrical Properties and Reliability of GaN-Based Micro-LEDs. Nanomaterials, (2020.04) 10:689 P1-P9; DOI: 10.3390/nano10040689

[4]Hua Xiao,Rui Wang,He Gui,Zhijian Lv*,Zhaojun Liu*,and Kai Wang*. 4  Mb/s under a 3  m transmission distance using a quantum dot light-emitting diode and NRZ-OOK modulation.Optics Letters,(2020.03) 45(6) P1297-P1300;DOI:10.1364/OL.386175

[5]Zhaojun Liu*,Ke Zhang,Yibo Liu,Siwu Yan,Hoi Sing Kwok,Jamal Deen,and Xiaowei Sun.Fully Multi-Functional GaN-based Micro-LEDs for 2500 PPI Micro-displays,Temperature Sensing,Light Energy Harvesting,and Light Detection.2018 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM),(2018.12) P38.1.1-P38.1.4;DOI:10.1109/IEDM.2018.8614692

[6]Ke Zhang,Deng Peng,Kei May Lau,Zhaojun Liu*. Fully-Integrated Active Matrix Programmable UV and Blue Micro-LED Display System-on-Panel (SoP).Journal of the Society for Information Display,(2017.05) 25(4) P240-P248;DOI:10.1002/jsid.550

[7]Feng Wei,Shang Li,Xue Bai,Zhaojun Liu*.Hybrid Full Color Micro-LED Displays with Quantum Dots.Journal of the Society for Information Display,(201906) 50(1),P1709–P1711;DOI:10.1002/sdtp.12818

[8]Mengyuan Zhanghu,Lihuan Qin,Zhaobin Xiong,Siwu Yan,Yibo Liu, Ruoning Wang,and Zhaojun Liu*.Micro-LED eye mask.International Conference on Display Technology(2018ICDT),(201811),P565-P568; DOI:10.1002/sdtp.12783

[9]Ruoning Wang,Tao Lu,Feng Wei,Yibo Liu,Siwu Yan,Mengyuan Zhanghu, Zhaojun Liu*.Light responsive Micro-LED arrays for Interactive Display Applications.International Conference on Display Technology(2018ICDT),(2018.11),P681-P684;DOI:10.1002/sdtp.12814

[10]Yibo Liu,Feng Wei,Tao Lu,Zhaojun Liu*.GaN HEMT‐LED Homogeneous Integration for Micro‐LED Mass Transferring. International Conference on Display Technology (ICDT 2018),(2018.11)49(S1) P660-P664;


[11]Lihuan Qin,ZhaoBin Xiong,Ke Zhang,XiaoYing Tang,Xiaowei Sun, and Zhaojun Liu*.High‐brightness Micro‐LED Matrix for Subfoveal Choroidal Neovascularization Applications.International Conference on Display Technology (ICDT 2018),(2018.11)49(S1) P670-P672;DOI:10.1002/sdtp.12810

[12]Tao Lu,Wei Feng,Yibo Liu,Ruoning Wang,Zhiyi Yu,Zhaojun Liu*.Triple Modulation Visible Light Communications with Pixelated Addressable LED Array. International Conference on Display Technology (ICDT 2018),(2018.11)49(S1) P665-P669;DOI:10.1002/sdtp.12809

[13]Heshen Wang,Qiye Liu,XuemengFeng,Aiying Deng,Junfeng Dai* and Zhaojun Liu*.Ultrathin Indium selenide (In2Se3) thin films and field‐effect transistors for active matrix addressable Micro‐LEDs. International Conference on Display Technology (ICDT 2018),(2018.11)49(S1) P677-P678;DOI:10.1002/sdtp.12812

[14]Zhaobin Xiong,CHO Wai Keung,Lihuan Qin,Zhiyi Yu*,Zhaojun Liu*.

Design and Fabrication of Fine-Pitch-flexible-transparent

Pixelated-Addressed Micro-LED Arrays.International Conference on Display Technology (ICDT 2018),(2018.11)49(S1) P685-P687;DOI:10.1002/sdtp.12815

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